This week, the L&T Team got together to discuss something that is near and dear to all of our bottom lines hearts: our clients! As a young company, we certainly do not presume to have all the answers to cracking the client code, but we’ve also learned a lot about client management from tripling in size over the past year.

Often, account management work can seem reactionary – the client makes a request, and account managers respond and do what it takes to acquiesce. Sometimes, a client’s latest blog idea can seem ridiculous in the context of the carefully crafted content strategy that was just discussed in the last meeting. Sometimes, a client’s overreaction over “the wrong shade of green” on one piece of clipart can feel like a slap after all the overtime you pulled managing the free of charge design strategy you offered as a “value-added” pilot service in the first place. In the face of difficulties and criticism, our job is to smooth things over, deliver results, and keep a positive attitude, all while nurturing the business relationship to the best of our abilities.

In spite of our ups and downs, we love working with our clients and we hope they love us back! This is our love letter to clients, past, present and future.

Dear Clients,

We are privileged to manage your content marketing strategy and honored that you’ve chosen us for the task. We understand that in the context of your larger business and on the priority lists of your C-Suite, content might be just one small cog and wheel in a roaring machine, but in our opinion (and yours, or you would not have hired us), it is a cog and wheel worth investing in. Content is what gives your company a voice. It’s what gives your product a personality. Language is the basis of human understanding, and without content, it is difficult – nay, impossible – for consumers to connect with your company in a meaningful way. At L&T, we take this job seriously, because that one small checkbox next to “content strategy and execution” on your long list of deliverables became our mission and responsibility following the moment you signed on the dotted line.

This is all big picture stuff. Heavy. But at the end of the day, we just want to see you happy.

We want to get you that “win” when Stacy in accounting reads your latest thought-leadership article and says “it was really insightful” and asks “Do you maybe want to discuss it over coffee sometime?”

We want you to go into your quarterly review with Joseph, your stern-faced department head who does not go by Joe, and see the corners of his lips twitch upwards when you mention that blog traffic has grown 200% and has started to drive sales leads.

Our job is to give you what you need to impress Joseph: qualitative and quantitative data to prove the worth of your big idea.

It was you who hired us, and we get that you’ve gone out on a limb. You’ve done some convincing, dug into your budgets, and reassured the higher ups. We’re always learning from your nagging feedback, and we know the small mistakes can stack up. Please understand that if we left the standfirst un-italicised for two out of five posts last week, it was not a personal slight. With a hundred little things to check and hundred little differences between each of our clients, occasionally, small things might slip through the cracks – it’s not you, it’s us, and for that we are truly sorry. Vendor-management can be frustrating – you hire someone to make your life easier, and every clarification email, every bug that slipped through the checkpoints into final deliverables, makes you feel like you should just give up and do it yourself. You can be sure that we’re learning from these mistakes and we’re growing every day. Don’t give up on us! We just want to make this work. We have so much to give.

We’re an emotional company, and we’re here to guide you towards your company’s voice and carry out your content vision. If your own plan is crystal clear, we’ll do our best to realize that. If you’re not so sure what you need, feel free to confide in us. Use us as your think tank and we’ll present a variety of strategies that might help you light the way towards that ROI sweet spot. You can be as involved or as hands-off as you desire – we promise to always step up to the plate but never on your toes. We’re here for you, no matter what.

We’ll surprise you with our spontaneity and set ourselves apart through our proactivity. As a young company, we aren’t afraid to take risks, and we’re not above offering free services and new strategies just for the learning experience. You’ll have constant innovation and our ambitious drive since we’re never that comfortable with the status quo. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to reach greater heights, and we fully intend to take you with us. Let’s touch the stars together.

So, what do you say?

Together forever (we hope),


(Image credit: Margie Savage/flickr)