Diverse perspectives can grow your audience and expand your areas of expertise.

There’s no straight and narrow path to great content. Successful content marketing teams understand the value of diverse editorial contributions, and strive to maintain a stable of writers with distinct points of view and writing styles. Just as you would expect to see a number of choices when you open a restaurant menu, your brand’s audience expects to find a variety of opinions, voices, and expertise on your platform.

In the spirit of ideological diversity, let’s hear from some of L&T’s in-house experts about why the right mix of voices can take your brand’s content to the next level.

Make The Most of Existing Talent

“A business is only as good as the people that work there,” says Cooper Pickett, CEO. “When it comes to digital marketing, a company should be as interested in developing the personal brands of its leaders as it is in building the brand of the company itself. That means enabling their participation in the company’s message to market and encouraging them to be vocal spokespeople for the business.”

The best business leaders regularly publish their perspectives online. Pickett offers the example of Elon Musk and his personal contributions to the Tesla blog. “Musk has the courage to speak his mind on the issues that face the company, and his strong personal brand contributes value to the companies he runs,” says Pickett.

Though we can’t all be Elon Musk, executives can and should have the courage to speak about the issues that matter to their industry. By doing so, they build a body of work that can lead to prestigious speaking opportunities, while also lending a human face to their company.

Attract New Talent

Your brand’s platform does more than serve its audience — it gives prospective employees a window into your company’s internal dynamics and values. “When an applicant clicks over to your blog and sees a whole team of actual people contributing real insights, it tells them that this is a company that takes communication and open dialogue seriously,” says Remy Bernstein, COO. “That’s certainly a company I’d want to work for.”

Get Your Point Across

It’s not enough to get an idea out just once as, most likely, it won’t stick with your audience. “Messages stick through repetition and reiteration,” says Jonathan Allen, President. “That said, it can be annoying and tedious to keep saying the same thing over and over again. So, having multiple authors comes in handy, as common values can be repeated in different writing styles, lexicons and analogies.”

What happens if you only feature one person’s voice on your blog? Some people may like that writer, but others might not enjoy their style at all. Rather than drive one group of readers away, grow your audience by providing something for everyone.

Start a Dialogue

“Everyone has a specialty or a passion — something that makes them uniquely qualified to speak to a topic,” says Danny Goodwin, L&T’s in-house content strategist. “For example, if you have somebody who is knowledgeable about all things Apple, and follows the brand’s every movement religiously, you’d want that person to write about Apple, not Microsoft. If somebody is passionate about content marketing or writing, you wouldn’t expect to see them speak about programmatic advertising — especially if they don’t have the experience or expertise.” By hosting multiple voices, you can highlight your in-house team’s existing strengths while also covering areas outside your brand’s typical wheelhouse.

Your brand has everything to gain from the incorporation of new voices into its content marketing strategy. Not only will the diversity of ideas appeal to a broader audience, but each writer attracts their own following and personal network to your content platform. There’s more than one way to tell a great story, and an abundance of compelling stories to be told; so give these narratives the platform they deserve.

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