Email marketing is here to stay.

While there’s been a huge shift toward social media marketing in recent years, email newsletters aren’t going anywhere fast. These daily, weekly, or even monthly roundups are great for building value, promoting brand recognition, and extending your reach among prospective clients.

Here are the seven most important ways that email newsletters can help you achieve your goals:

1. Increase Page Views

People are busy. You can’t expect them to search high and low for your content, no matter how great it is. Sending an email newsletter is an effective way to get your writing in front of a wider audience and give fans easy access to more relevant content.

2. Increase Engagement

More page views mean more chances for engagement. Make it easy for readers to share the content contained in your email on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or whichever social channels are most relevant to your brand.

3. Build Loyalty

If you can get people to sign up for your email newsletters and consistently send them valuable content, you can keep them coming back again and again. Think about your newsletter as an audition to showcase your talent. It’s your job to convince readers you’ve got just what they’re looking for.

4. Turn Subscribers Into Customers

The ultimate goal of your email newsletter is to nurture leads (while generating new ones, of course!). The people who sign up to receive your email updates have already shown interest in your brand’s product or services. With the right messaging, you can convert these subscribers into paying customers.

5. Build a Valuable Database

Email databases are incredibly valuable because they give you access to specific consumer information. You can use these insights to create customized listservs, targeting the most relevant groups of people based on their interests and preferred methods of consuming content.

6. Track Results

Sending an email newsletter gives you a new channel for gauging consumer responses and interests. If a specific email proves successful among your subscribers, it will likely perform just as well on other channels.

7. Increase ROI

Email marketing is relatively cheap compared to other forms of advertising — and it can have a significant payoff. In fact, according to Campaign Monitor, “For every $1 spent, email marketing generates $38 in ROI.” The bottom line is this: the people on your email list have already demonstrated interest in your brand’s content, so your efforts are more likely to pay off than less targeted marketing approaches.

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Author Ami Foote

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