Let’s get social.

We’ve already covered how and why to embed social posts, but before taking the plunge, it helps to take a cue from the brands that do it best. The opportunities for integrating social posts are endless, but here are just 9 ways they can help enhance your content:

1. Offer Recommendations



Two things that are sure to grab readers’ attention are food and listicles — so it’s no surprise that Affinia’s rundown of New York’s hottest desserts is a big hit.

Rather than simply posting photos of the top eight most delicious treats in the big city, the boutique hotel brand embedded Instagram posts from hungry patrons who have visited each place on the list. The photos help validate the popularity of each recommendation by showcasing positive affirmation straight from the fans.


2. Quote References



President Trump’s tweeting habit has certainly become one of the most popular topics of discussion as of late — so at L&T, we felt it our duty to weigh in on the matter. Our Top 15 Tweets of #TrumpsAmerica is a perfect example of how, when words fail you, social posts may just come in handy.


3. Enhance Visual Appeal



You know what they say: a picture is worth a thousand words. Embedding social posts from Instagram can help break up chunks of texts with aesthetic appeal.

In this photo essay, Midwest uses visually stunning photos to highlight airports in remote areas.


4. Support Your Content



Of course if you’re blogging about social media, using real-time examples to support your content is ideal. By embedding live tweets instead of relying on screenshots, your content becomes more compelling and interactive.


5. Host Different Voices



Political debates can get heated quickly, and social posts can be a great way to explore different perspectives while staying neutral as a brand.
During the notoriously controversial 2016 election, the L&T team highlighted Hillary Clinton’s famous female supporters by embedding posts directly from their social accounts.


6. Build Connections



By embedding posts from various platforms, you’re exposing your readers to the original author’s or brand’s social presence (and thereby promoting them). Being intentional about whose posts you include in your content can help you build connections with industry experts. Social Media Examiner, for example, recognizes Agilent Technologies in a top 10 list of successful Facebook marketers.

Be sure to reach out and let each brand know you’ve included them in your content. This gives them an opportunity to repost, extending your reach to new audiences.


7. Promote Engagement



Posts to Twitter, Facebook, and the like are inherently social, so simply including them in your content can help promote engagement.

Including funny or emotional tweets or Facebook posts that resonate with readers will increase the likelihood of getting your content shared, or starting conversations amongst your followers.


8. Show and Tell



Content is a great way to promote your brand and offer something valuable to prospective clients, and sometimes videos can deliver a more powerful message than words alone.

If you don’t have the resources to create original videos, embedding a YouTube post is a great way to make your content more engaging and visually stimulating.


9. Purely to Entertain



People spend hours scrolling through Twitter and Instagram feeds for a simple reason: they’re entertaining.

Don’t underestimate the comedic value that social posts can bring to the table — this hilarious Buzzfeed article being a prime example.


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