Let’s get visual.

Video may be taking the digital world by storm, there is still something undeniably compelling about the good old-fashioned infographic.

Check out 10 of our favorites for inspiration before crafting your very own:

1. St. Patrick’s Day by the Numbers

highjump infographic

Supply chain management company HighJump created a fun visual representation of St. Patrick’s Day facts just in time for the popular holiday. Themed infographics are a great way to rack up social shares.

2. Evolution of the Hipster

evolution of the hipster

This cleverly designed infographic follows the evolution of the hipster – from Emo to Meta-Nerd, and everything in between.

3. Measure up your Food

measure up your food

Infographics are a great way to visually represent large numbers or complicated ideas. This graphic includes 300 drawings of food items to depict the staggering 300 million tons of consumable food discarded every year in developed countries.

4. Nature’s Speed Machine

natures speed machine

This animated infographic simulates how incredibly fast “nature’s speed machine” — the cheetah — can run as compared to a Porsche, a race horse, and even Olympic runner Usain Bolt.

5. Equality Maps

equality map

This interactive map allows users to click on each state to learn more about its respective LGBT legislation and policies.

6. How Colors Affect Purchases

how colors affect purchases

Kissmetrics explores the psychology of consumerism with this infographic, which shows how specific colors affect different types of shoppers along the purchasing journey.

7. How to Pack the Perfect Suitcase

sears vacation infographic

While infographics are generally visually appealing and fun, they can also be functional. Sears Vacations, for example, put together this detailed guide for packing the perfect suitcase.

8. An Analysis of the Beatles

analysis of the beatles

Music lovers, rejoice. This Beatles infographic analyzes all the band’s greatest chart toppers, explores song meanings, and even examines the lyrical vocabulary of each member of the band.

9. Best Times to Post on Social Media

social media infographic

An asset to digital marketers everywhere, this aesthetically pleasing infographic pulls together valuable consumer insights on the optimal times to post on prominent social media platforms.

10. How Far is it to Mars?

how far is it to mars

This amazing, interactive infographic scales down the distance from Earth to the Moon and Mars, as measured in pixels.

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