For Mother’s Day, innovative brands are saying “thank you” with a twist.

Heartfelt, mushy-gushy, overdone Mother’s Day campaigns: you know the type. While emotional appeals can be sweet, sometimes it pays to think outside the box (of assorted chocolates).

These seven brands have won us over with their original Mother’s Day campaigns:

1. Etsy

In honor of Mother’s Day, Etsy put together a comprehensive gift guide for all types of maternal figures, from mothers-in-law and step-moms to grandmothers and new moms. The guide also suggests gifts based on specific interests like food, fashion, and flowers.

The genius of this campaign: not only does it help consumers navigate the site and choose the perfect gift for mom, it also allows the brand to highlight a wide range of products from its vendors.


2. Teleflora

Flower delivery service Teleflora released a Mother’s Day commercial just last year featuring Vince Lombardi’s “What it takes to be No. 1” speech, coining the hashtag #OneToughMother.

While Mother’s Day campaigns often celebrate the soft, kind-hearted nature of moms, Teleflora calls out the strength it takes to be a parent.

3. Samsung

Dads often get all the credit for telling cheesy jokes — but in 2015, Samsung gave funny moms some airtime instead. The brand asked fans to share the funniest texts they’ve received from their mothers, using the hashtag #TextsFromMom.

4. The Body Shop

The Body Shop UK’s most recent Mother’s Day campaign encourages employees and fans to share photos of quirky traits they’ve inherited from their moms, taking Twitter by storm with the hashtag #GotItFromHer.

5. Pandora

This heartwarming campaign celebrates motherhood by putting the powerful bond between mother and child on full display. As a testament to the unspoken connection between a mom and her kids, Pandora blindfolded six children to see if they could pick their mothers out from a group of women. I’m not crying…you’re crying.

6. JetBlue

JetBlue saw Mother’s Day as an opportunity to help make travel just a little bit easier for moms everywhere. The airline’s unique take: each time a baby started crying on a select flight from JFK to Long Beach, they offered a 25% discount to every passenger on their next Jetblue flight. If four babies cried, all passengers would receive a free round-trip ticket!

7. California Kitchen Pizza

California Kitchen Pizza asked fans to post photos and videos of their personal wishes for their mothers, giving them a chance to turn those wishes into reality. While the campaign plays up the softer side of the holiday, incorporating a fun contest is a great way to add an original touch to your Mother’s Day campaign.

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