For healthcare organizations and private practices, good marketing is an absolute must.

Technology — specifically, the internet — has been a major driving force behind recent changes in new patient acquisition for the healthcare industry. Historically, people have relied on physician or peer referrals when searching for a new provider. Today, thanks to the increased access to information afforded by the internet, would-be patients are able to comparison shop providers until they find the perfect fit. As a result, patients are more empowered than ever to call the shots when it comes to their well-being.

Brand Publishing Increases Visibility and Credibility

It should come as no surprise that now more than ever, patients are taking the time to conduct their own research, weigh their various options, and make their own decisions about treatment.

So when it comes to medical marketing, boosting online brand visibility and credibility have become an essential means of attracting new patients. After all, it’s safe to bet that savvy patients are perusing your website, following your social media accounts, and reading your blog before they book an appointment. If you’re not projecting your expertise, trustworthiness, and the value of your services on these platforms, chances are you’re not going to secure the business of prospective patients.

Your Patients Have Questions — Provide Them With Answers

Upwards of 77% of consumers’ online health research starts on a search engine — so healthcare providers should endeavor to be the first source they consult to find answers to their queries. First, identify the most relevant and commonly searched questions that your target patient base is asking online. Then, produce genuinely informative, high-quality content that not only answers those questions in a comprehensive way, but is also optimized to rank for those specific queries.

If you’re struggling to rank for one of the most common queries your target patient base is asking online, pay-per-click advertising is a great way to help them find their way to your site. Let’s say, for example, that you’re a small orthopedic practice, and you specialize in treating knee injuries — but some healthcare giant has locked down the top 7 knee injury-related search results. With PPC, you can bump your content up to the #1 or #2 spot. To capitalize on that uptick in traffic, build informative landing pages that outline specific conditions and your approach to treating them.

Putting it into Practice: Healthcare Providers to Emulate

If you’re looking for inspiration to reinvigorate your brand’s online presence, look no further than the Center for Vein Restoration (CVR), which has cornered a relatively niche subsection of the healthcare market with highly targeted content relevant to their target patients. CVR has leveraged its unique expertise into a dynamic blog that distinguishes the Center as a thought leader and important player in its field.

If you want to take your online presence a step farther, consider taking a cue from companies like ClearlyDerm. Not only does this Florida-based company have a newly designed blog — they also offer a virtual acne program which allows patients to connect with a dermatology professional from the comfort of their own homes.

The bottom line: patients have taken to the internet, and your healthcare organization should meet them where they’re searching. Developing a robust brand publishing platform is the surest way to establish your expertise, assuring prospective patients that they’ve come to the right place for their healthcare needs.

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