Whether you’re communicating the virtues of your HR-related product or simply promoting your employer brand for recruitment purposes, brand publishing is an essential tool for your arsenal.

If you work in human resources or recruitment, you’re in the people business. So you understand — perhaps better than anyone — the value of good communication.

Brand Publishing Helps You Tell Your Story

Any marketing professional will tell you that to get someone hooked on your product, services, or brand, you have to tell an interesting story. Adhering to a brand publishing strategy will allow you not only to tell that story well, but also to communicate to past and future employees (and, of course, consumers) what your company values, and why those values are worth standing behind.

The fact is, people have relationships with people, not with products — so if employees and consumers see your company as a community first, and a sales machine second, you stand to dramatically improve brand loyalty. A cohesive, high-quality brand publication facilitates genuine communication and conversation, bringing sales about organically rather than sticking consumers with the hardsell.

Using Content to Communicate Across All Platforms

If you’re a company that offers a product or service in the HR space, you’ll wield your brand publication much like any other business. In other words, the focus should mainly be on conveying the value proposition of your product. How you accomplish that is totally up to you; you might comment on industry trends, analyze consumer preferences, or provide technical advice and guidance to prospective customers.

From a recruitment perspective, brand publishing is a phenomenal way to convey your employer value proposition. Let’s say you’re working as a recruiter within a larger company, and its your responsibility to head up an employer branding initiative. You can leverage employee testimonials, event write-ups, or case studies on past projects, for example, to paint a more authentic and compelling picture of what it’s like to work at your company. By investing in a comprehensive content strategy and a regular publishing cadence, you’ll find that getting your mission statement across becomes infinitely easier and will feel less contrived.

Brand Publishing Inspiration in the HR Space

For an example of a company that’s successfully deployed brand publishing to this end, look no further than LaunchPad Recruits. A company producing video recruitment software that helps eliminate bias from the recruiting process and increase diversity in the workplace, LaunchPad has a unique mission statement — one that their successful brand publication strives to reflect.

If you browse through LaunchPad’s blog, for instance, you’ll find an enormous variety of articles — from quick reads on techniques for boosting candidate engagement to more meaty thought pieces on how Brexit will impact hiring in the UK. Engrained in every article, however, is the same basic notion: diversity is (and will be) an essential part of any top-performing workplace.

It bears repeating: build a compelling narrative, and brand loyalty will follow. That’s where LaunchPad succeeds — and you can, too.

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