VP of Digital Marketing – Denihan Hospitality Group

L&T has implemented a sophisticated, impactful search-led content program for Affinia Hotels and successfully mapped their editorial strategy to internal sales insights. Their flexibility, can-do attitude, and digital smarts separate their team from many others I’ve worked with, and they have become trusted advisors to our business. Most importantly, they’ve gotten the Affinia brand in front of hundreds of thousands of people we wouldn’t have reached otherwise.”

What We Do

Identify ranking opportunities and content gaps

We analyze your site and the broader search market in your industry to identify high-value topics and rankings.

Laser-focused content

We develop rich, authoritative content and adhere to SEO best practices in order to gain new rankings and customers for your business.

Continuous improvement

We build custom analytics dashboards to measure the performance of our content in real-time and constantly refine editorial and marketing strategies according to the latest insights.

What We’ve Achieved

250,000 additional monthly visits

from organic search for a major retail brand.

43% increase in website conversions

for a client in the medical space as a result of site architecture changes and improved calls-to-action.

2 million new users

for a mobile platform as a result of a successfully executed content, business intelligence, and SEO program.

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