Senior Digital Marketing Manager – Star Tribune

“L&T is always on. Their strategies are responsive and agile, and I’ve been hugely impressed with their knowledge of digital. When you hire L&T, you’re hiring a team of A-players for your marketing department.”

What We Do

Comprehensive keyword research

We dive deep into all available data about search and social trends to put your company ahead of the pack and invest in where your customers will be.

Multi-channel campaign strategy

Don’t hire an AdWords agency. L&T works to understand the ins and outs of your business in order to make smarter contextual decisions about targeting and spend.

Performance optimization & reporting

“Set it and forget it” is a four-letter word at L&T. We regularly report on successes and stumbling blocks while simultaneously seeking out every possible area for improvement.

What We’ve Achieved:

50% decrease in cost per acquired customer

in the first 3 months of a $250,000/year AdWords campaign.

Over $3 million in new business

through PPC and LinkedIn ad management.

2 million targeted ads served

Lets Talk About What Brand Publishing Can Do For You: