Annual E-Commerce Revenue in Brazil Tops R$ 28.8 Billion in 2013

Brazilian e-commerce revenues grew 28% year-over-year to reach R$ 28.8 billion dollars ($ 11.82  billion USD) . The result exceeds analysts’ estimates that it would grow by 25%.  

Improved 3G coverage has brought many people online via mobile phones, a cheaper alternative to desktop computers in a country with 100% taxes on imported electronics. The most basic model of a new Macbook Air retails for R$ 4,199.99 in the Brazilian Apple Store, USD $1723.37 at current exchange rates, a 73% markup.

The map below shows 3G coverage data based on OpenSignal data:


Samsung and other Android based smartphone providers have made gains in the country as coverage in cities and less populated areas improved and introduced new demographics to the internet, and enabled more people to make purchases online. In 2013, Black Friday alone saw R$ 770 million in online sales. Analysts expect growth to continue to be strong in 2014 and expect e-commerce revenues to increase 20% this year.

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