In a Harvard dorm room on February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg, then 19, launched Facebook and the internet was changed forever. The company may have started as a college social platform, but it has grown to be part of every day internet use by a billion people and most businesses, big and small.

Interestingly, teenagers who helped spread the site’s popularity have begun to leave the platform. Perhaps, as their parents become more savvy with using it, but more probably, at 10, Facebook is no longer the cool site they moved to when MySpace got too popular.

“Facebook made a startling admission in its earnings announcement this month: it was seeing a “decrease in daily users, specifically among teens”. In other words, teenagers are still on Facebook; they’re just not using it as much as they did. It was a landmark statement, since teens are the demographic who often point the rest of us towards the next big thing,” the Guardian reported recently.

“The road to gaining nearly 1.2 billion monthly active users has seen the mums, dads, aunts and uncles of the generation who pioneered Facebook join it too, spamming their walls with inspirational quotes and images of cute animals, and (shock, horror) commenting on their kids’ photos. No surprise, then, that Facebook is no longer a place for uninhibited status updates about pub antics, but an obligatory communication tool that younger people maintain because everyone else does,” it added.

Despite the loss of numbers from that demographic, Facebook is moving to embrace their older users and help advertisers build successful conversions. As NBC reported, “With information from users and data vendors, Facebook now gives advertisers complete digital profiles including what brick-and-mortar stores its users spend money. The new targeted data has been a success and led to higher sales, according to its recent earnings reported.”

Facebook, the world’s most popular social platform and the second-most visited Web site, and its users, each day, share 5 billion items, upload 350 million photos and click the “like” button more than 4.5 billion times – a busy day for sure.

Happy birthday Facebook – we like watching you grow up.

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