Bundle Organics offers a juice delivery service to ensure both mother and baby stay happy and healthy throughout the pregnancy

In the first of our Columbia Startup Labs (CSL) company profiles, we talk to Bundle Organics founder John Mascari about why nutrition is so important for expectant mothers.

Bundle Organics is a real startup. The company only officially launched at the beginning of this year, following some indepth research into prenatal nutrition and the team comprises the two co-founders, John Mascari and fellow Harvard Business School graduate Kwany Lui.

“Bundle Organics is a new line of organic prenatal juices designed to address the unique nutritional needs of expecting and new moms. My co-founder Kwany Lui and I had a lot of friends and family members who struggled to get the right balance of nutrients in their diet during their pregnancy,” he said.

Even though most women take prenatal vitamins, everyone still worries about their nutrition and whether they are getting the minerals and vitamins they need from their diet, Mascari explained.

The company decided to dig a bit deeper and partnered with Dr. Errol Norwitz, Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Tufts Medical Center in Boston.

Norwitz became an advisor for Bundle Organics and informed the company that for expecting moms, prenatal vitamins won’t necessarily meet 100 percent of your daily vitamin and mineral needs.

In addition to providing for a mother’s own health during pregnancy, extra minerals and vitamins are also required to grow a healthy baby.

“We knew there had to be a better way for soon-to-be moms to get the prenatal nutrition they needed without the worry. So, why not through a tasty juice designed specifically for expecting moms to take in addition to their prenatal vitamins, to get the extra ‘bump’ of nutrients they need?” Mascari told us.

The juices were made to include just the right amount of nutrients to complement those that pregnant women are already getting from a prenatal vitamin, like folic acid, while also providing those that might be more difficult to obtain, even in a well-balanced diet, such as folic acid, omegas, calcium, iron and vitamin D.

Bundle Organics made the decision to apply for a place at Columbia’s Startup Labs because the team felt there was a huge opportunity to work in a collaborative, innovative environment with other entrepreneurs they can learn with and from.

Mascari explained, “I think CSL will be a terrific way to bring the team together and encourage increased collaboration and we are excited to have more space in a vibrant part of the city.”

He says New York is a remarkable place to start a business but everyone is always juggling a million things so it can be hard finding time to engage with other entrepreneurs.

He also thinks being in the CSL offices, run by WeWork is a cultural opportunity too because the members of the labs have very different backgrounds and are working in very different industries. Through being in an environment like CSL, the participants have common ground to learn from each other and support each other.

And what advice does Mascari have for the other members of CSL?

“Get ready for an emotional rollercoaster!” he says. “Being an entrepreneur is a humbling experience and you have to be okay just shrugging things off. You have to just appreciate the journey and learn to never get too low when things are bad or get too high when things are good.”

You can follow John on Twitter via @jamascari, Bundle Organics at @bundleorganics. The company has both an Instagram account @bundleorganics and Facebook page.

To find out more about Bundle Organics, take a look at the company’s website.

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