ChouxBox’s back-of-house software will keep accounts in order via a cheap and efficient Point of Purchase solution

The joy of a startup community is that companies come from all walks of life, have different experiences and older companies can share their insights with brand new organisations.

Columbia Startup Labs (CSL) is no different, with companies like ChouxBox that has been around for a year already, helping companies that launched only a couple of months ago.

Ben Kanner, co-founder of ChouxBox thinks it’s the company’s experience in bootstrapping that will ensure it can help and mentor the smaller startups.

The company has been using the self-sustaining business model to date so can advise on the advantages and disadvantages of the practice to help grow new organisations.

ChouxBox is a software company that has built a low-cost Point Of Purchase (POP) for the restaurant industry.

Many small restaurants don’t have the finance or the resource to use widely available solutions designed for chains because they take days of training to get staff up to speed and cost thousands of dollars to run.

Chouxbox is available on a license from $99 per month and you can be up and running in 30 minutes with very little training required.

The software is a cloud-based invoice collection and cost management system that works alongside your current processes. It’s designed to make things quicker, reduce data entry, and provide instant access to your costs as they happen.

ChouxBox decided to apply to CSL after hearing rumors the community was looking at setting up a co-working space for Columbia Alums.

“You can’t beat cheap space and a community of like-minded individuals!” he says.

The space will allow members of the ChouxBox team to work together for the first time.

The company comprises people from a range of industries, including business, tech, and most importantly restaurants.

Kanner hopes the community will be a group of people to bounce ideas off and have a solid culture.

He explains, “There is something to be said when you work for a larger company with a solid culture and sometimes it is hard to establish that in a small company. So the startup lab could take the place of this, putting a bunch of smaller companies into one larger unit when it comes to culture. “

Kanner thinks CSL is a step in the right direction for New York as a startup hub.

“The startup scene in NYC has been evolving and growing. It is the only place that is beginning to rival silicon valley and has definitely surpassed boston, maybe not austin. So I am glad that Columbia is realizing this is a career direction that student are going (becoming entrepreneurs in NYC) and are supporting them.”