Forget BuzzFeed, Viral Nova and Upworthy, Distractify is the newest player in the viral content game and it’s playing hard to be the best

Distractify is attracting a lot of attention. It is the fastest growing media company in history with more than 21 million people visiting its pages a month.

Longneck & Thunderfoot spoke to Distractify’s business development manager, Mark Pygas, regarding what can make and break a digital startup.

In The Beginning

Quinn Hu is the 21-year-old founder of digital media startup Distractify. The business started in the autumn of 2013 and since the October launch, has reached over 110 million visitors and its content has more than 30 million shares on social. This makes it the fastest growing media company in history.

What Makes Distractify Special?

All content on the Distractify website is, in some way or another, uplifting. As Distractify’s Facebook page states, the company “creates beautiful content for curious people” and will provide “daily happiness” for every user who “likes” Distractify.

Content can be anything from your standard funny cat photo to inspiring stories such as a man who goes on a coffee run every Thursday to buy coffee for whoever is in the Michigan Cancer Center getting chemotherapy treatments.

Distractify’s business development manager, Mark Pygas, says that the Distractify team “always tries to create socially meaningful content which people will share over Facebook, Twitter and other social media.”

Making Entertainment First

Previous to Distractify, Hu founded 2 Bucks Entertainment, a digital community that aims to find videos that stir something inside of the viewer. The videos can make you weep, laugh and think and often go viral on YouTube. 2 Bucks Entertainment’s videos have been viewed over 750 million times on YouTube since its launch in May 2012.

It is easy to see how Hu followed this project with the upbeat Distractify.

It was through Hu’s previous online successes that brought him funding. Since high school, Hu created content for the internet and within four years had accumulated between 30,000 and 50,000 subscribers on multiple channels.

Using Social For Funding

Pygas explains how the funding for Distractify came from its YouTube network, “Initially, we leveraged the audience of the YouTube network that we’ve built up over a series of years, including AmazingLife247 which has over 900,000 subscribers.”

This isn’t to say the formation of Distractify was plain sailing as Pygas alludes to when asked what advice he would give to start-ups, “Always be prepared to change your business model when needed. Always put 120% into everything. Don’t expect it to be an easy road, but expect it to be an exciting and fulfilling one.”

Tips For Success

And what three tips would he give to someone who has an idea for a start-up but is struggling with making it come to life?

“First, make sure you have every aspect of the idea explored and that the idea is actually viable – if you’re having issues bringing it to life, you might need to rethink the idea. Secondly, be aware that you’re going to need to put everything into that idea if you want it to be successful – time, effort, heart – be ready for sacrifices. Finally, always be prepared for whatever curve balls may come your way.”

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