In the latest of our Columbia Startup Labs interviews, we talk to RawrDenim about what it does and how it’s so important to be part of the New York startup scene is a pretty odd proposition for a startup, but it seems to be working, attracting 200,000 people to its pages every month.

The site is the web’s leading men’s raw denim site that educates and helps denim enthusiasts around the globe.

With a range of content and tools, the website guides and influences readers and keeps them up to date with any trends and happenings. The company also aids its readers to make more intelligent purchases and related decisions.

“Though there are hundreds of thousands of passionate denim heads worldwide, we felt a reliable and thorough online resource was lacking. The information we needed was either inaccessible or spread very thinly across myriad blogs, forums, Facebook pages, Twitters feeds, and other websites,” says Nick Coe, one of the three founders of the company.

“We sought out to become that resource we needed and thus was launched with the goal of becoming the most comprehensive for everything raw denim.”

Where Next For Denim?

Matt Star is the only co-founder currently at Columbia Startup Labs. He was looking for a place to work that would really benefit Rawr as it moves forward with product development and monetization.

Star said, “I loved my time at Columbia and saw this as a great opportunity to reconnect with the school and also take advantage of their incredible resources. I also love working with other startups so it’ll be fun to connect with other startups and help each other grow.”

The three founders just started working full time on this endeavor and although they’ve been very successful in the denim space, they now need to develop a larger product and an expanded focus any and all advice will be crucial to its success.

“The connections and general knowledge that we stand to procure while being a part of the space will be invaluable,” says Star.

Developing A Brand Without Bias

The company will bring its expertise of developing a brand without bias to the labs.

“That’s one of the most incredible things that Nick has accomplished over the last three years. We made a point to have unbiased reviews, articles, and tools, and our audience has responded making us the #1 raw denim site on the internet. Preserving our brand is crucial to our expansion plans,” explains Star.

The team thinks the labs is a great extension of the startup environment already flourishing in New York.

“It’s nice to see Columbia join in all the fun. They have such an incredible network of alumni that it’s exciting to be a part of this new lab,” says Star.

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