It’s the European Parliament elections throughout Europe this week and Google and Facebook are trying to encourage you to vote

If you’re not based in Europe, you’ve probably missed a lot of the hype around the European Parliament elections and you would be forgiven for that.

However, if you’re in Europe and have voting rights, Facebook and Google are trying to make you vote, and that’s not a bad thing – after all, it’s supporting your country.

Google is celebrating the UK election today with its Google Doodle. The search engine is pretty ‘up’ on supporting voting around the world. In the past, it has released Doodles for almost every country on election day.

European Elections voting doodleThe Doodle is only on show in the UK today, because it’s the only area voting today. Other European Parliament elections will take place for the next four days, so we can expect to see more Doodles along these lines over the next four days.

We expected this of Google, but the biggest surprise was the message Facebook is sending out.

When I headed to the app this morning, I saw a blue box at the top of my screen, telling me it’s election day and giving the option to find my local polling station (this is just a link that goes through to the European Parliament website).

The other button though, allows you to tell your Facebook friends you’re voting in the election. It will post the message to your wall and also, friends will see your profile picture when they open up their Facebook app on the widget. Presumably, this is telling your friends that you’ve voted, so they should too.

Do you think this is a good move by Facebook or bad? Should the social network get so heavily involved in politics?

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