And why brands should own their content…

The web is becoming more social, more authentic, and more human. Publishing daily (and learning how to behave like a publisher) can help businesses capitalize on the changing digital landscape.

Brand Publishing as a Holistic Social Strategy

When a brand becomes a publisher (and by publisher, I mean when brands run their company blogs like a publication and post to it daily), they can inject their brand into the daily conversations taking place in their niche. Agile and timely content allows the conversation to unfold on their website, not just on social channels.

As a result, competitors will visit, prospects will visit, customers will visit, people you’ve never heard of all across the globe will visit. Some will share your company’s content with their friends. Your website becomes a megaphone, and people will start paying more attention to what you’re saying.

Instead of running disparate social campaigns, brands can develop a holistic social strategy with an owned media focus. They can speak with an active voice and can use that voice to drive meaningful, highly relevant traffic to their website.

At L&T, we spend most of our time focused on building live audiences for our customers. For illustrations sake, instead of traffic that looks like this:

A steady heartbeat from predictable traffic sources

A steady heartbeat from predictable traffic sources

Our clients’ traffic is less predictable because of the live audience drawn in from influential social shares:

Breakthrough traffic spikes based on influential shares

Breakthrough traffic spikes based on influential shares

Too many beautiful websites sit idly by, waiting for traffic to come to them. Instead, brands should be competing for traffic each and every day.

Live Audience as an Organic Search Strategy

As with all things on the internet, Google is watching. In an attempt to tailor search results to what real people really want to find, Google rankings increasingly reflect social signals (shares). When done right, publishing daily can open new doors to your website in Google search. The brand publication enables companies to create a new page each and every day, with its own shares, inbound links, and keyword targets. Not only can content “win the news cycle,” it turns those daily wins into long-term organic search growth:

Steady growth of traffic from organic search

Doubling of organic search traffic in 3-4 months

This strategy offers a great alternative or complement to traditional “on-site” SEO. There’s a place for targeting the keywords that are most important to your business: “buy widgets,” “best widgets,” “widget quotes,” and the like. Ranking for “bottom of funnel” phrases is no doubt important. Publishing represents an opportunity to expand a brand’s keyword universe while reinforcing rankings for bottom-of-funnel terms.

Being an active publisher gives brands the opportunity to rank for search phrases throughout the sales funnel so they can start winning hearts and minds earlier in the buying process. The publication presents an opportunity to explain a brand’s niche, translate the expertise of the company’s employees into compelling stories, and grow the company’s audience. It all starts with brand storytelling and giving voice to the talent and insight within your business.

Advanced Content Strategies

Brands need to make every visit and every interaction count. While publishing in and of itself dramatically grows traffic, focuses social channel activity, and pays dividends in organic search across the domain, the value of content can be leveraged further. Tactics such as persona-based remarketing, well-placed calls-to-action inside of content, clever e-mail captures, native ad buying, and social ads with a content focus can turn one interaction with your branded content into multiple touchpoints with each reader, gaining mindshare for your brand and guiding readers down a path to becoming customers.

What L&T Co. Does

L&T specializes in turning brands into daily publishers in their niche. Our brand newsrooms create original stories every day for our clients and handle the social outreach necessary to grow your brand’s audience. We work with you to develop a publication mission statement, formulate content types, and determine which stories to produce and which to greenlight for publication each week. The editorial process is 100% transparent, so clients always know where each article is in the production pipeline.

Our team has backgrounds ranging from publishing and journalism to web development and SEO, which allows us to execute our strategies from end to end. Our writers are talented individuals from top universities and they attend L&T master classes administered by top journalists at the New York Times and Wall Street Journal.

We love telling a company’s story and we’d love to talk to you about telling yours.

Longneck and Thunderfoot offer content marketing services and strategies to transform your company blog into a sophisticated trade publication that influences your market. Learn more about brand publishing here.

Author Cooper Pickett

Cooper is the CEO and a co-founder of L&T Co. He is a partner of Columbia Entrepreneurship at the Columbia Startup Lab and a 2010 graduate of Columbia University (CC’10). At L&T, he oversees a growing international team that works around the clock to get clients results. He has extensive leadership and team-building experience from his time as the CMO of a real estate startup. He excels as a marketer and strategist — qualities he refined and developed as the founder of e-commerce businesses in the sports and subscription spaces. With the founding of L&T, Cooper brings these strategies and insights to companies worldwide. He participates in Princeton University’s Employer in Residence program, serves on the Columbia Startup Lab’s leadership committee, and speaks on industry panels about entrepreneurship, marketing, and startups. On occasion, he teaches web marketing at General Assembly.

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