You’ve set the date, confirmed the venue, and invitations are about to go out–but after living with your other half for the last five years, how do you ask friends and family for something meaningful?

Gone are the days when newly-wed couples needed pots, pans, silverware, or anything else to furnish their first home together. Today, it’s more common for couples to ask for money instead of material objects. But, how do you ask your loved ones for money without sounding rude? Birdie List is exactly the solution you’ve been looking for.

What is Birdie List?

Birdie List allows you to collate things you want–big or small–into a Pinterest-like board, and everyone on your wedding’s guest list can “buy” parts of each of those gifts for you. It could be the down payment on a mortgage, plane tickets for your honeymoon, or that new bathroom you’ve been unsuccessfully trying to finance for the last three years.

Additionally, it gives friends the opportunity to feel involved in your future. You may of course owe them a house party in exchange for that $100 they contributed to your mortgage, but you can cross that bridge when you come to it.

Co-founder Samantha Lott explains that the site was set up to solve a problem she personally experienced throughout each wedding season: “Birdie List was born out of frustration as a guest. We didn’t want to see friends and family go through the personality-less services that didn’t reflect them as a couple.”

When Birdie List has collected contributions from all participating guests, the money is passed over to the couple to purchase the items on their list. Birdie List takes a cut of 3% from the contributions after everything has been collected, because the initial couples said they would rather their guest pay what they want rather than having to worry about fees on top.

Moreover, if guests hail from different parts of the world, they can pay in their own currency, with the site already accepting GBP, USD, AUD and Euros as payment options.

How Long Has Birdie List Been up and Running?

Birdie List officially launched in May 2014 and has since helped nine couples fully complete the process, which includes such tasks as creating their gift list and collecting and receiving contributions. [tweetable alt=”To date, @birdie_list has helped 196 #wedding guests give £15,000 ($24,000) to #newlyweds.” hashtag=””]The total gifted from 196 guests stands at £15,000 ($24,000) to date.[/tweetable]

At the moment, [tweetable alt=”Currently, @birdie_list has 35 #wedding gift lists in 5 countries, with an average value of £2,500 ($4,000).” hashtag=””]there are more than 35 Birdie Lists set up in five countries around the world, with an average value of £2,500 ($4,000) for each list.[/tweetable] With the service’s popularity already soaring, this number is expected to double in the near future.

What’s Next for the Future of Birdie List?

The company is now working to solidify partnerships that will take its product to the next level. Birde List’s management team hopes to branch out to different kinds of events, such as christenings and significant birthdays.

Birdie List already has a partnership with an invitation manufacturer lined up for the new year to create a range of stationery products specifically designed for Birdie List’s couples. The relationship will enable these couples to communicate with their guests in the same effective and coherent way offline that they already do online.

Birdie List is planning on a number of future collaborations, including redemption partnerships with honeymoon, home improvement, and experience providers, positioning this service to become even more attractive to newly engaged couples from all over the world.

“In addition we are launching other occasions, births, kids birthdays, honeymoon specific and we are partnering with a number of online publications to offer their audience a gifting solution,” Lott finished.

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(Main image credit: Rexness/flickr)