What are you thankful for this holiday season? Here are the L&T team’s contributions.

Well, once again it’s that wonderful time of year when friends and family gather together to feast on massive (read: American) portions of delicious, slow-roasted turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and fresh-baked pumpkin pie. To help you get into the holiday spirit for those awkward conversations, terminal food comas, and crazy Uncle Earl screaming at the football game on TV until he passes out with his pants unbuttoned, the L&T team would like to share what we’re all thankful for this holiday season.


When the question was posed, everyone of course listed their health, a steady job, and family and friends. But when pressed a little further, the answers got a little more interesting — and hilarious:

Michael, one of our Junior Content Managers, says he’s thankful for the deliciousness that is Chipotle (E. coli be damned). He would also like to clarify that when he says he’s grateful for friends, he means the TV show Friends and not his actual friends (because he doesn’t have any). I think we can all agree that the gang has a special place in our hearts, especially this time of year.


Our Creative Director Ryan says he’s grateful for the Manhattan donut, coffee, and sandwich stands, and for those blessed weekends on which your friends aren’t participating in any improv or open mic nights.

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Demmi, our Community Manager, is originally from Singapore and doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Still, she said she’s eternally thankful for the strong support network she has in her family — her parents in America and her extended family in Singapore. She’s also grateful for her pet family, which consists of fish, turtles, and her adorable “Instafamous” bunnies, Mochi and Waffle.

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Follow the cuddly duo on Instagram: @waffle_mochi

Our Analytics Manager, Oliver, is from our UK office and is visiting NYC (and America) for the first time! He says he’s more than grateful for the way he’s been welcomed by our US team and NYC as a whole. Oliver has also expressed (mostly jokingly) his thankfulness for his newfound discovery of Tinder.

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Tinder is, indeed, a foreign land. Tread carefully, Oliver.

Brett, our Senior Content Editor, says he’s grateful for the ability to live vicariously through Oliver’s Tinder adventures, to be writing and publishing for a living, and for his plethora of plaid shirts that keep him nice and cozy in the office.

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Our COO Remy says that this year, he’s most thankful for his team at L&T, and I’m sure we can all get on board with that one! Remy is also eternally grateful that Zayn Malik has finally left One Direction — now he can enjoy their phenomenal, groundbreaking music even more than he did before (and that’s saying something).

Giphy 7
So long, Zayn. You will be missed (just not by Remy).

Jonathan is most thankful for the new Star Wars movie that’s coming out — really, he just needs some new figurines to paint. He’s also been grateful for the opportunity to share the magnificence of New York City with his parents during their visit this week.

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Cooper, our CEO, says that he will be forever grateful to Columbia Entrepreneurship and WeWork for all the free beer they’ve pumped into the L&T team this year. By his estimation, this steady supply of booze-based motivation has boosted morale and extended L&T’s runway by months (though he’s implemented random breathalyzer testing for the entire team — himself included).

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Since moving into the woods last January, Jamie, our other Junior Content Manager, has been thankful for all of that fresh mountain air, his thermal underwear, and any/all opportunities to actually speak with other human beings. He’s also been getting a lot of emotional mileage out of Netflix’s “Fireplace for Your Home.”

Giphy 10
We miss you Jamie, and can’t wait for you to visit the civilization of NYC!

Clare, our Director of Brand Outreach, is grateful that it’s a holiday in the U.S. on Thursday and Friday, mainly because it means she can concentrate on ticking off things her to-do list without being constantly interrupted by the U.S. team . On a more serious note, she’s thankful for all the help Jamie and Michael have given her on managing the UK clients, and to Shayna for graciously fielding her relentless barrage of questions first thing in the morning!

Giphy 11

Like everyone else, I’m especially grateful for my team of amazing people at L&T. Not only do they make me laugh, but they also inspire and challenge me on a daily basis. I’m also thankful for the never-ending supply of free coffee that WeWork provides us, the adventures I’ve had and will continue to have living in this incredible city, and, of course, the snooze button on my alarm clock.

And so, from our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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