The best — and quirkiest — fashion comes from thinking outside of the box.

Fashion is all about taking risks. And some companies and designers take that sentiment to heart more than others — but you won’t see us complaining. From bottle-opener flip flops to hoodies with built-in smoking systems, here’s a list of our favorite offbeat fashion trends that offer a style that’s as innovative and functional as it is eccentric.

Period Underwear: Thinx


A fashion statement may not call for punctuation, but that doesn’t stop a period from occasionally getting in the way. Stay at the top of your style game during that time of the month with Thinx underwear, which uses absorbent, leak-resistant technology to keep you clean and dry all day long. Best of all, a Thinx purchase won’t just keep you feeling good when you need it the most — the company similarly empowers young women in Uganda by sending a portion of their profits to partner organization, AFRIpads.


Multi-Pocket Travel Jacket: Baubax



You know that traveling can be a hassle — so you also know how helpful a few extra pockets can be. Luckily, Baubax is a few steps ahead of the curve. Complete with an iPad pocket, hand warming pockets, a phone pocket, a passport pocket, a blanket pocket, and, yes, even a drink pocket, Baubax’s one-of-a-kind, 15-feature travel jacket is the perfect antidote to overstuffed trousers and jeans.

If you’re wondering whether or not you actually need that many pockets, over $10.5 million in crowdfunding contributions towards the jacket’s development suggest that yes, of course you do.

Vape Hoodie: VAPRWEAR



The legalization of marijuana in a growing number of U.S. states has brought with it a need — okay, maybe not need, but at least a demand — for appropriately functional fashion. By creating clothing with a smoking system discretely integrated, VAPRWEAR has turned the green rush into a style movement.

Bottle-Opener Flip Flops: Reef



Flip flops aren’t exactly “party shoes,” or any kind of shoes for that matter. But just because they don’t fall under shindig-approved footwear doesn’t mean that they can’t make you the life of the party. With a bottle opener nestled right in the sole of these slip-ons, you can easily impress fellow partygoers when you pop of the cap of your beer with nothing more than your flip flop. (It’s even cool just saying it.)

Odorless Athletic Wear: Y Athletics



Style is meant to be seen, not smelled. Y Athletics is a firm believer in that sentiment, and has created a line of activewear that firmly reflects that high standard. By weaving their fabrics with silver — yes, pure silver — Y Athletics was able to create clothing that stops the proteins in sweat from giving off a foul odor. That way, there’s no need to sweat over whether or not you’re smelling less than fresh. Or you can. It really doesn’t matter. Nobody can smell it, anyway.

“Professional” Sweats: Fruit of the Loom



The most important thing you need to know about professional sweat suits is that they mean you never have to tie another necktie, bow tie, or sweater around your neck again. The second-most important thing is that they might be the funniest fashion concept since, well, ever. Fruit of the Loom’s limited edition “Professional Collection” consists of three distinct styles of a basic fleece sweat suit: the “Trail Blazer,” the “Country Clubber,” and, of course, “Business Time.”

Ostrich Sleeping Pillow: Ostrich Pillow



And the award for fashion accessory that you never knew you always wanted goes to the Ostrich Pillow. It’s exactly what it sounds like (except not really because it sounds like a pillow for an ostrich, and that’s not what it is). In reality, it’s a wearable pillow that you can slip right onto your head for a comfortable power nap wherever and whenever you need one. Needless to say, any fashion accessory that promotes napping and makes you look like a giant bird in the process is a winner in our book.

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(Main image credit: James Dean/flickr)