These top employers let their imaginations run wild with weird and wonderful benefits for their employees.

Think about any of the world’s leading tech brands, and chances are you feel more than a little envious of their workspaces — Silicon Valley paradises where workers’ every whims are indulged beyond their wildest imaginations. Some perks might seem fantastical, but at the end of the day, they make solid business sense.

Benefits reflect the prevailing economics of the employment market, as well as corporate culture: top candidates are well aware of their value, and demand to be compensated accordingly. In order to capture the best and brightest of the millennial candidate market,  employers are now expected to provide a high salary coupled with an enticing work culture and benefits package.

What ensues is a race amongst businesses to provide the most unique and attractive employment package out there, all in the name of attracting and retaining top talent. By adding elements of creativity and surprise, these companies foster innovative and dynamic work environments, encouraging their best and brightest to work hard (and play hard) for their bottom lines.



No wacky perk listicle would be complete without mentioning the masters of the out-of-the-box employee benefit package. Googlers can opt to work in a cargo net, cycle around campus on complementary bikes, take martial arts classes, and bring their dogs to work.

With an office like this, it’s hard to imagine why you’d ever want to leave… and of course, that’s exactly how Google wants it. Between the great food, on-site medical care and ample relaxation space, staff barely need to go home (one staffer claims to have lived there for thirteen months). Those incredible perks don’t come for free — Googlers are expected to put in the hours.

At Patagonia, The Surf’s Always Up

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.36.53 PM

For Patagonia, the most important attribute of any new staffer is their attitude and approach to life. Spokeswoman Jess Clayton explains “We’re kind of a tribe here,” and like with many organizations with clan-type cultures, picking people who share their approach to life is essential for maintaining the ethos which continues to bring them success.

With that in mind, if the surf outside their Ventura office is looking good, then company policy states that you can skip a meeting and go ahead and surf. They wouldn’t want it any other way: a person who would let a good surf day go to waste wouldn’t be a good fit for their team. As well as this, Patagonia takes care of their family by offering free organic meals at work, and were pioneers in offering on-site child care.

SC Johnson: Will That Be All, Sir/Ma’am?

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 3.37.07 PM

If you’ve ever thought that you could get as much done as Tony Stark if only you had a Pepper Potts duplicate running around after you. then it might be worth sending a resume to SC Johnson. The cleaning supplies company show their staff how much they value their time by providing a (shared) concierge to do all the niggling tasks like going to the bank or picking up dry cleaning that might otherwise see them abandoning their posts during the day.

Anyperk Walks The Talk


Of course, it’s all very well for huge companies like Google and SC Johnson to pamper their staff — reinvesting a fraction of their incredible profits into the people who generate them only seems logical. But for startups with lofty ambitions but slender purses, attracting top talent without being able to offer anything more impressive than a complimentary coffee cup might seem frustrating. Enter Anyperk, who offer client businesses staff bonuses like fitness subscriptions, food delivery and housecleaning, based on what their surveys show employees would value most.

As for their own employees, Anyperk let their imagination run riot:

Anyperk’s business model is genius, but the truth is, businesses don’t need their services or a several-figure budget to give prospective employees a good bargain. The common theme tying all these perks together is showing employees they’re valued and respected, and not letting preconceived ideas of what an office environment should look like limit their imaginations.

Trusting employees to take time off as needed and welcoming well-behaved dogs will get job-seekers’  attention — and if you happen to know an oil painter who can give you a bargain, the odd raptor portrait might not go amiss either.

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