In the next few years, we’re all going to be hearing a lot about bots. Our infographics break down the basics on a technology set to change how we interface with computers (and each other).

From the looks of things, chatbots are a trend that seem unlikely to be a passing fad. With Facebook introducing Messenger Platform, and Sandi MacPherson’s personal chatbot prompting questions about what social media might look and feel like in the future, it seems like a good bet chatbots will figure, to some extent, in how we interact with computers and each other down the line.

Chatbots might seem like a daunting subject, given the complexity of AI research. But like most subjects, it gets a lot easier to understand in the form of a diagram.

Inside A Bot


Bot Or Not?

Pros cons chatbots

Sounds great in principle, but Microsoft’s Tay debacle shows that bots are far from a mature technology. Here are some points to consider before adopting a bot:

Whether chatbots would make a good addition to a given business model depends on the product and main market demographic. However, as time goes on, chatbots may become the first point of contact for an increasing proportion of consumers.

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(Image credit: E1N7E/Pexels)