In our most recent webinar, Devra Prywes, VP of Marketing and Insight at Unruly, discussed the ins and outs of marketing for the Olympics. By using data analytics from past games, Devra explained how to execute a stellar ad campaign for Rio2016.

Devra examined which emotions dominate Olympic ads, how to optimize campaign launch timing, and how sponsors and non-sponsors alike can increase audience reach and engagement. You can watch her full presentation here.

Strapped for time? Here are the big takeaways:

  • Emotions are key in getting people to engage with your content. Surprisingly, millennial men are the most emotional demographic.
  • Brand content from the Summer Olympics is shared 2x more than that of the Winter Olympics. You don’t want to miss the marketing opportunity that the upcoming summer games present.
  • There is no correlation between shareability and level of branding. So when creating your Olympic ads, make sure to brand your content well to get the most ROI.
  • No need to shell out the $200mil for an Olympic sponsorship. Because of an IOC rule change, non-sponsors can now create branded content around the Olympics and advertize with the athletes.
  • Being in tune to the trends surrounding the olympics is important, but don’t force your brand into a trend. 2/3 of viewers lose trust in a brand when an ad feels fake.

Devra predicts that Rio2016 will be the most shared Olympic Games of all time. Is your brand ready?

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