L&T’s in-house experts weigh in on how to make your social content stand out against the clutter.

Ten years ago, social media jobs were a novelty. Today, they’re some of the most sought after and competitive positions in the marketing industry. Find out what advice L&T’s own social experts have for social media managers looking to stand out in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

1. Keep it Simple

While hashtags are a great way to expand your message’s reach, going overboard can make your content look amateurish. “There’s such a thing as too many hashtags,” says L&T social media manager Shayna Robinson. “I’ve found the sweet spot seems to be 2-3, particularly for shorter social posts like tweets.”

2. Stay On-Brand

“You don’t need to post about every online trend,” says L&T social media intern Adela Fine. “It’s important to make sure a trending hashtag or current event directly relates to your brand before incorporating it into your social plan.” Sure, The Dress might be blowing up the internet, but if you’re struggling to find a natural way to enter the surrounding conversation, consider waiting it out until the next big (relevant) thing comes along.

3. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

The Internet moves at the speed of light. Social pros need to be writers, editors, and fact checkers in order to get posts up in a timely manner. “Always double-check spelling and grammar,” says Shayna. “Seriously, guys. It can make or break a company’s reputation on social media.” With followers able to instantly screen grab every grammatical faux pas, it’s essential to get each post right the first time around.

4. Incorporate An Image

Effective images evoke a response from viewers, not to mention that they take up significantly more room in followers’ feeds. “Pictures are what really catch a viewer’s eye on social media,” says Adela. “Always make sure to include a vibrant and interesting image with every social post.”

5. Know Your Network

“Know the guidelines for posts on each network,” says Shayna. What are the required dimensions for images? How does tagging work on Facebook vs. Instagram? Who is using each network the most? “Know which audience you’re more likely to reach on each network—it varies by industry and you might be surprised by which platform is most successful for your business.”

6. Speaking of Audience…

The user base of each major social media platform differs significantly, as does the type of content they’re looking to consume. While Facebook is a great place for irresistible headlines, quizzes, and breaking news, Instagram users are looking for a visually stunning, luxurious experience. “Make sure you know your audience well and customize social posts to what your viewers can relate to,” says Adela. Whether you are marketing to a younger or older audience, it’s important to be sensitive to what different generations what to see.”

7. The Three C’s

“Be concise, be creative, and be collaborative,” says Shayna. “Keep your posts informative but to the point, think outside the box, and don’t be afraid to get a little weird (but remain respectful and kind). Most importantly, engage and collaborate with influencers and thought leaders on social media.” Weaving your social content into thoughtful discussions strengthens your emotional and intellectual connection with followers, and will make others more willing to contribute to and support your brand’s goals.

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