Make way for the new Tweeter-in-chief.

Social media has undoubtedly played an instrumental and unprecedented role in the recent presidential election. Since the beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump’s tweets have dominated news headlines, and have been gleefully shared by supporters and condemned by critics.

In honor of the inauguration of our first “social media president,” we’ve compiled a list of his most memorable — and often, impactful — tweets.

Trump has repeatedly used Twitter to voice his concerns about fellow candidates:




…and various policies.





He isn’t shy when it comes to shelling out celebrity dating advice:



…or nutrition tips.


He’s quick to weigh in on the flaws of his predecessor:



…but he always gives credit where credit is due.




As he is sworn into office, Trump becomes responsible for more than just the free world. He will also be taking over the POTUS Twitter account. What kind of tweets can we expect from the new president moving forward? Will future leaders follow suit, offering live commentary on every major event? We will have to wait and see, but one thing is for sure: social media, from the President-elect’s tweets to the firestorm surrounding the biases of Facebook’s newsfeed, has forever changed the political landscape.

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Author Ami Foote

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