Don’t judge an ebook by its cover — judge it by these 12 elements.

As with any long-form content, a lot of work goes into producing an ebook that offers value to your target audience. You want to be sure that when it’s all said and done, the payoff is worth your time and effort.

So how do you write an ebook that is both engaging and conducive to your marketing goals? Here are 12 things your brand needs.

1. A Talented Team

They say a company is only as good as its people, and the same goes for content. Whether you choose a writer internally or hire a ghostwriter, really think about who will offer the best insights and the greatest passion for the assignment at hand. After you’ve found an ideal author, you’ll also need an editor and project manager to bring the content from idea to reality.

2. A Great Designer

While producing quality content is definitely a top priority, professional design can take your ebook to a whole new level. Ebook designers can create a compelling cover, unique typography, informative graphics, and customized page layouts that help support and enhance your content.

3. A Relevant Topic

Conduct thorough research before choosing a topic for your ebook. Who is your target audience? What kind of information will they find relevant and valuable? Tailor your content to meet their needs while accomplishing your own marketing goals in the process.

4. The Perfect Title

Your title often determines whether someone will click on, download, or read your ebook, especially when it’s used to promote the content on social media. Choose a title that is both interesting and descriptive — that is, it should be indicative of what the reader will learn from reading the ebook.

5. Truly Useful Content

While the perfect title may capture the initial interest of your readers, good writing is what keeps them glued to the page. Put your content through a rigorous editing process to ensure that concepts are clearly communicated and that the writing is grammatically sound.

6. A Writing Style That Mirrors How Your Audience Speaks

Well-written, informative content doesn’t have to be boring. Experiment with different styles, keeping your ideal consumer in mind. How would they likely prefer to digest information? Choose a style that aligns with your brand values and the interests of your target audience.

7. Visually Appealing Formatting

When you’re writing long-form content, it’s important to break up large chunks of text with subheadings and images, and to put forth a clearly organized progression of ideas. Include a table of contents, use an easy-to-read font, and include bulleted lists and supporting quotes when relevant.

8. Great Images

Don’t be shy with images. You should always include a headshot of the author and contributors, charts, illustrations, and any other graphics that help support the text. Break up blocks of content with visual elements to emphasize or explain certain points more clearly.

9. A Call to Action

While the main purpose of writing an ebook should be to provide educational value to readers, it also gives you a great opportunity to highlight your company’s services as potential solutions to problems introduced within the ebook. Include a promotional offer or a link back to your website, along with a brief overview of your company.

10. A Landing Page or Microsite

Once you’ve created your ebook, you’ll want to feature it on your own site. Instead of just adding a link to an existing page, build a landing page or microsite dedicated to promoting your ebook.

11. Testimonials

Including expert testimonials is a great way to establish credibility. Whether it’s a short blurb on the front cover, or a full page of reviews, featuring industry professionals assures readers that what they’re about to read is worth their time.

12. Promotion

Once you’ve finished writing, editing, and publishing your ebook, your work isn’t over. Promote your content with social media ads, display ads, email announcements, and blog posts.
To extend your reach even further, consider asking influencers or contributors to share the ebook with their network of followers.

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Author Ami Foote

A graduate of the University of South Carolina, Ami is a staff writer at L&T. She has previously written for, Lowe’s Home Improvement, Britax Child Safety, and a variety of non-profits around the country. On a good day, you can find Ami obsessively consuming one or all of the following: folk music, NPR, black coffee, jeopardy, or Guinness.

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