Guest blogging comes with serious perks.

Earning a spot on a popular blog gives you bragging rights among your friends and colleagues, but there are countless other benefits in store for guest bloggers.

Here are just a few of the ways that guest blogging can boost your sales and help you achieve your overarching business goals:

1. Build Your Brand

Being published on relevant industry publications holds all kinds of personal brand building potential. For starters, it expands your personal network, opening the door to future opportunities as a guest blogger.

Getting your content in front of relevant audiences also helps extend your reach. It’s simple: if people like what you have to say, they’re more likely to follow you on your brand’s social media platforms. Plus, if a reputable industry expert features your brand’s content on their well-received publication, you’ll be seen as an authority by association.

2. Promote Awareness

No matter how great your products or services are, nobody will purchase them if they don’t know your brand exists in the first place. When you’re just starting out, it helps to piggyback off others’ successes.

Guest blogging helps build awareness among consumers who are already interested in a similar brand or related industry. When you’re guest blogging, be sure to stick with topics that hit on the unique advantages offered by your brand.

3. Generate Qualified Traffic

Guest blogging for a renowned industry expert exposes you to the best kind of traffic — the qualified kind. You know that a reputable brand in your industry has an audience that is interested in the niche services you offer.

Generating the right type of traffic to your site is conducive, in turn, to generating leads and sales — which can, in turn, be a tremendous asset to your brand.

4. Multiple Voices

As a guest blogger, your content is your own, but it also reflects the ideals and style of the company for which you’re writing. This gives you a great opportunity to diversify the voice of your brand, which is beneficial in and of itself.

Different audiences expect to find different opinions, voices, and expertise from your content. Guest blogging gives you the perfect platform to try new angles, and thus reach new audiences.

5. Talk to the Community

Even if you’ve already managed to build a loyal fan base for your brand, guest blogging allows you to speak to a larger community. This gives you the unique opportunity to address issues that may fall outside of your typical range of topics.

A recent example of community outreach through guest blogging is President of HIPAA One® Steven Marco’s post on Health Care Scene, which addresses the myth that Windows 10 is not HIPAA compliant. By blogging for a larger audience, Marco helps dispel a negative rumor on a wider scale than if he had written to his existing reader base alone.

guest blogging benefits

BONUS: Backlinks

The intent of guest blogging should never be strictly to get links back to your site. That being said, backlinks remain one of the top 3 Google ranking factors for organic search. So, while it doesn’t make our ”top 5” list, receiving backlinks in your author bio or the article itself from a respected industry site constitutes an added bonus of guest blogging.

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