Get your brand channels ready for corned beef and content.

St. Patrick’s Day is nearly upon us — and thank goodness for that. What better way to celebrate spring’s impending arrival than with excessive drinking and green confetti?

But with every holiday comes a new opportunity to integrate a cultural touchpoint into your brand’s marketing campaign. Before you head off to the pub, make sure your brand gets a piece of the St. Paddy’s pie by incorporating the festivities into your content strategy.

Let’s take a look at the creative ways your brand can breathe new life into the themed holiday marketing campaign game:

1. Create Content That Celebrates Irish History

If parades and happy hour specials aren’t right for your brand, St. Patrick’s Day’s historical significance offers an alternative way to join the celebration. Consider a series of social media graphics or Tweets highlighting historical tidbits, or a blog post explaining why we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

Check out these Barbies reading up on their Irish history for some inspiration:

2. St. Patrick’s-ify Your Product

There are countless ways to connect your social media posts to any holiday — no matter what your product. Beauty brand? Post a gorgeous image of someone sporting your brand’s mint green nail polish. Commercial airline? Put together a guide of must-see Irish attractions around the world. Don’t be afraid to stretch the connection — extra points for creativity!

3. Offer a Promo

Regardless of whether your brand or product has anything to do with St. Patrick’s Day, consumers are unlikely to argue with a holiday sale or promo code. Slash prices and tell customers that today is their ~lucky~ day.

4. Help Consumers Celebrate On Their Own

Whether you brand is a restaurant, food manufacturer, or media brand, offer menu specials, publish recipes, and share party ideas to help consumers celebrate on their own — with some assistance from your products, of course.

5. Go Green

When in doubt, go green. Update your social profiles to include green cover images. Tack a clover emoji onto your username or add one to your brand logo. If all else fails, snap a photo of your staff decked out in their St. Paddy’s Day best. In short: find your version of McDonald’s’ Shamrock Shake and run with it.

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