When it comes to choosing a content provider, less is never more.

In today’s digital space, brands must regularly publish valuable content to gain the attention of their target audiences. If you don’t have the bandwidth to consistently produce your own content, choosing a reliable content provider may be a more realistic option than choosing to take on the task yourself.

Keep in mind: there are no shortcuts when it comes to creating quality content. Above all else, the provider you choose should have stellar storytelling abilities and the best interest of your brand at heart. Narrow down your search by looking for these non-negotiables:

Comprehensive Account Management

The last thing you want is to be kept in the dark about the progress of your content strategy. A great provider will give you regular updates on what he or she is working on, outlining current progress and future tactics.

Digital Ad Strategy

The best content providers make every online visit and interaction count. While publishing in and of itself can dramatically increase traffic, smart digital ad strategies can leverage the value of content even further.

Original Story Ideas

Chances are, there are tons of similar brands also vying for the attention of your target audience. To be successful in your space, your content must be original and worthwhile to read. Look for a provider that employs creative writers who bring a fresh approach to relevant topics.

PR Services

While content companies aren’t exactly PR firms, there are ways to manage your brand reputation through brand publishing. An experienced provider can not only help you achieve top search engine results, but can also ensure that your brand receives positive, genuine recognition.


Even the best content is ineffective if it goes unnoticed. Along with great writing skills, your content provider should incorporate SEO strategies into the mix. A strong SEO framework is crucial for achieving meaningful pageviews.

Social Media

Social media is a must for maximizing visibility, but not every channel is relevant for every industry and brand. Choose a content company that actively identifies and engages the online communities that most closely align with your brand’s mission.

TaaS (Team as a Service)

When choosing a content provider, it helps to learn a little bit about how the agency operates. Companies that encourage a seamless interchange of ideas and feedback between writers, editors, and account managers generally produce the most creative (and relevant) content.

Built for Daily Publishing

Publishing content on the regular helps your brand establish authority and cultivates a deeper digital relationship between your company and influential partners, clients, and prospects.

Don’t settle for a content provider that delivers the bare minimum. Look for the real deal: an agency that will go above and beyond, creating and publishing premium content on a daily basis.

L&T: What We’re All About

At L&T, we strive to be the best content company in the business by practicing what we preach. We optimize all copy for maximum visibility, while also taking an analytical approach to the entire architecture of your site, making strategic recommendations to attract visitors and keep them coming back. We build a strong social presence for your brand across all relevant channels. And, most importantly, we work as a team to tell original stories that wow your target audience.

Author Remy Bernstein

As L&T’s COO, Remy directs all internal and client operations for L&T. Since joining the team in the the summer of 2014, Remy has overseen the precipitous growth of the company’s full-time staff and client base. He works directly with every member of the L&T team to implement and operationalize new processes, manage client accounts, and produce exemplary content every day. A graduate of Kenyon College, Remy previously worked in the editorial departments at Publishers Weekly and Standard & Poor’s. He specializes in content quality management and scalable business strategies, and relies on his extensive journalism background to supervise dozens of branded digital publications.

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