On the hunt for digital real estate? Here’s how brand publishing can help put your agency on the map.

You might be an expert at developing, renovating, or selling a prime piece of property — but are you succeeding in selling your brand? No matter how incredible your current projects or listings are, if your target audience doesn’t know they’re happening, it’ll be hard to corner the market. Here’s how brand publishing can help:

Building Your Brand, One Blog Post at a Time

What do real estate companies have to gain from a dedicated brand publishing strategy? Much more than you might think. Here’s a stat for you: if your site has a prominently featured blog, you’re 434% more likely to be indexed (i.e. ranked highly) by search engines like Google. Still not impressed? What if we told you that 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads?

The truth is, there are plenty of benefits to a dedicated brand publication — from engaging industry professionals to sparking online conversations, a well-maintained blog will seriously improve your online engagement, which will in turn boost your brand’s visibility. With a brand publication, your real estate company can engage with and feature industry influencers, report on relevant news stories, educate rising industry professionals, and illustrate the benefits of product adaptation — all from the comfort of your own office.

Blueprints for Brand Publishing in Real Estate

Although every brand publishing strategy is unique to the business that implements it, there are certainly some things you can do to reap the maximum benefit in your space. For instance, it is often useful to play up your niche expertise by covering trending topics from a perspective unique to your company.

Providing actionable, inside baseball advice is also a great way to grow an audience. After all, CRE professionals are always on the hunt for new strategies. In addition to doling out insider business tips, focus on forecasting and reporting on industry trends, and reach out to successful industry pros for commentary to build your site’s authority. With tactics like these, even individual brokers (as opposed to large firms or investment groups) can build an independent audience.

Being the Best in the Biz

Now that you have your strategy all planned out, it’s time to get your brand publication started! If you’re still working out the finer details, we recommend taking a cue from these grade-A real estate blogs.

First up: real estate data platform Reonomy. Between the blog’s beautiful design and its unique perspective, this is a shining example of what a successful (and niche!) real estate publication can look like. St. Louis real estate developer Green Street provides another wonderful model, covering a range of topics from large industry trends to issues of concern to the local St. Louis community. If that wasn’t enough inspiration, other successful brand publications include Blueprint by CBRE, and Zillow Porchlight. Who knows — maybe your company will be the next to stride down these hallowed halls!

Longneck and Thunderfoot offer brand publishing services and strategies to transform your company blog into a sophisticated trade publication that drives visibility and influence in your market. Learn more about brand publishing here.