Reap the benefits of a quality brand publication — no heavy lifting required.

If you’re in the shipping and logistics business, you’re no stranger to managing complex supply chains — so you might relate to the challenges of funneling a steady stream of traffic onto your website.

That’s where brand publishing comes in: in addition to streamlining your digital presence, it could just help you outrank your competitors.

How Content Can Change Your Company

In an industry where success often comes down to who can offer the lowest rate, smaller, privately-owned shipping and logistics companies need an effective way to differentiate themselves from their competitors. By creating a brand publication, they can set their business apart — not only because they’re providing potential customers with useful information, but because their company has something their rivals don’t: a unique voice.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that marketers who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI than those who don’t. Putting content first might seem like a misplaced effort within an industry that’s so data-driven, but the fact is, the better you can demonstrate your expertise to your online audience, the greater an authority you’ll become in your field. Brand publishing can also serve to communicate your company values and culture, or whatever else distinguishes you from your competition. A well-run publication indicates to prospects that you value customer service and efficiency, and that your company may just be worth the extra investment.

The Logistics of Brand Publishing

By establishing your expertise in all things logistics, other experts in the field will want to be a part of your movement. The key, therefore, is to publish a variety of truly useful content — not just thinly veiled advertisements for your services. If you can create a publication that is as interesting to industry hotshots as it is to potential clients, you’ll establish yourself not only as a trustworthy vendor, but as a force to be reckoned with in your field.

Logistics Superstars

For an example of a brand publication that has reined in interest from both industry professionals and consumers, look no further than HighJump’s SupplyChainX blog. While more of a consumer-facing brand initiative than a niche industry publication, their blog has certainly cornered the market on regularly publishing supply chain-related content, and attracted the attention of other logistics experts in the process. The blog now features diverse insights from a variety of expert contributors in the shipping and logistics realm. In turn, these experts share the articles with their networks, infinitely expanding the reach of each post and introducing HighJump to new professional contacts. Similarly, Primary Freight provides another great example of how to curate content that is broad enough to interest consumers, yet technical enough to resonate with logistics pros.

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