Nothing “insures” the success of your insurance company like quality content.

Did you know that 80% of all life insurance purchases begin online? In a marketplace increasingly connected to the growing ecommerce sector, traditional brick-and-mortar industries are staking their claim in the digital sphere.

The insurance industry is not exempt from this wave of change — but many companies have struggled to stay afloat amongst an endless sea of online quotes. Here’s how brand publishing can help your insurance agency stand out from the rest.

The Cost-Benefit of Brand Publishing

Just like in real estate, successful content marketing is all about one thing: location, location, location. So ask yourself this: where does your agency come up in an online search? If you have to dig through pages of Google results before locating your content, chances are your potential clients gave up looking long before you did. That’s where brand publishing comes in.

Think of it this way — if a consumer is trying to figure out what kind of car insurance to purchase, and the most helpful resource on the subject is from Geico, there’s a good chance they’re ultimately going to go with Geico for their purchase. So why not transform yourself into that kind of resource? By investing in consumer-facing content, you demonstrate your value not only as an insurance vendor, but also as an industry expert whose primary goal is to give people the information they need.

Ensuring the Best Possible Consumer Experience

Insurance shoppers are conducting more and more research online before purchasing policies. In fact, 61% of consumers say they feel better about a company that delivers custom content. As a result, insurance agencies and carriers need to provide high-quality, informative content if they want to get their foot in the door (not to mention bolster brand loyalty and trust). By creating consistent content that provides clear value to your audience, you’ll earn consumers’ trust and, ultimately, their business.

Agencies Doing it Right

Now that you understand why brand publishing is such an essential tool for any insurance agency or service provider looking to build their online presence, here are a few examples of agencies that have successfully put that knowledge into practice. With a wide variety of content falling under their “orange umbrella”, Precise Leads provides potential customers (e.g. insurance agents) with vital information, from insurance news to sales tips.

Oscar, otherwise known as the “Warby Parker of health insurance,” is another great example. On their YouTube channel — which has nearly a thousand subscribers — Oscar publishes quick, snappy video content that succinctly answers consumers’ questions and addresses their concerns. Whether you choose a traditional blog, a vlog, or another creative medium, pushing more content out is the first step towards bringing more customers in.

Longneck and Thunderfoot offer brand publishing services and strategies to transform your company blog into a sophisticated trade publication that drives visibility and influence in your market. Learn more about brand publishing here.

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