Becoming a “write” hand man.

Writers of Record: this phrase encapsulates L&T’s ideal client relationship. We become our clients’ trusted partners, and they count on us to develop all or most of the written marketing materials for their company.

Being the writer of record for an organization is a major responsibility, and one that must be earned over time with consistent high quality output and fastidious attention to the details of a company’s brand story. The first step to achieving this prestigious title is to dive in headfirst, learning everything there is to know about the brand — including its history, values, and aspirations.

Understand the Brand

First things first: find out as much as you can about the company’s history, starting with its founding and overarching purpose. All your marketing efforts will be influenced by your understanding of the brand’s identity.

Get to know the brand on a personal level, to the point where you feel comfortable tackling any writing project for the company, no matter the medium or context.

Be the Voice of the Company

Once you have a firm grasp on the inner workings of a company, you can hone an editorial voice that aligns perfectly with those values and goals. Then, it’s on you to own it — adapting your communication style to each platform and piece of marketing collateral, while maintaining a consistent tone.

The ultimate goal: become such a driving force that no one at the organization can imagine writing something public-facing without running it by you first.

Foster Meaningful Internal Relationships

In addition to a company’s overarching brand voice, key players within the company will, of course, have their own unique perspectives. By developing close relationships with stakeholders and executives, you can become familiar with their individual opinions and personalities, thereby positioning yourself as the obvious choice when it comes to authoring ghostwritten articles from their perspective. Plus, it never hurts to build meaningful connections within the industry.

Becoming a writer of record for any organization means that the CEO and employees trust you to communicate their vision and help achieve their goals. This is a great honor, and provides the opportunity for a valuable learning experience. By honing in on brand voice and networking with the right people, you’ll quickly become a “write” hand man for your clients.

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Author Remy Bernstein

As L&T’s COO, Remy directs all internal and client operations for L&T. Since joining the team in the the summer of 2014, Remy has overseen the precipitous growth of the company’s full-time staff and client base. He works directly with every member of the L&T team to implement and operationalize new processes, manage client accounts, and produce exemplary content every day. A graduate of Kenyon College, Remy previously worked in the editorial departments at Publishers Weekly and Standard & Poor’s. He specializes in content quality management and scalable business strategies, and relies on his extensive journalism background to supervise dozens of branded digital publications.

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