A great “About Us” page is like a dating profile — it should focus on the possibilities of what you and your (business) partners could become!

For many businesses, the “About Us” page is one of the most visited on the company site. An “About Us” page that stands out from the noise can be an invaluable asset in your recruiting and PR efforts, and ultimately, can have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Differentiate yourself from competitors, showcase your company’s culture, and tell your story.
Below are five tips for putting your absolute best foot forward with a highly impactful “About Us” page.

1. Showcase Your Personality

Your brand’s unique personality can be the X factor that helps distinguish you from the competition. Consider Sudden Coffee, for instance: through successful branding, the instant coffee producer differentiated itself from the “cheap” instant coffee already on the market, carving out a new niche for itself among more sophisticated coffee drinkers who still value the convenience of an instant pour.

Remember that your personality isn’t just about the language you use or the branded graphics you create. Include information on your company culture — who works there, what they love about it, and what makes you different from other companies. You might just capture the interest of motivated job seekers alongside new customers.

2) Highlight Your Customer-Facing Value

Clearly and concisely outline precisely what you do for customers. Avoid jargon and platitudes; saying things like “disrupting the coffee industry” doesn’t tell your customers what you actually do. Instead, Sudden Coffee’s tagline — “Sudden is all about making great coffee easy, fun and accessible” — succinctly highlights the concrete value-add that their product can bring to consumers.

3) Name Drop Like It’s Hot

Your “About Us” page is the perfect place to let prospective clients know who else you have worked with. Highlighting the relationships you’ve already established boosts your company’s legitimacy and gives a sense of what types of industries your company best serves.

If you’ve worked with a person or company that a prospective client recognizes and trusts, chances are they’ll feel more comfortable partnering with you themselves.

4) Make Contacting You Easy

Encourage conversion by having a very visible, easy-to-use “contact us” channel. Whether it’s via instant chat, a web-to-lead form, email, or phone, prospective customers shouldn’t have to go on a scavenger hunt to figure out how to contact you. Once a prospect does reach out, make sure to maintain a 100% response rate, regardless of how big or small the inquiry is.

5) Video and Image Content is King

There’s a reason that company culture videos are huge right now — prospective clients and employees love them. Including photos of your company’s offices and your employees at work on your “About Us” page gives prospective customers an instant feel for your company’s culture. Make sure any visuals are high-quality and both mobile- and tablet-friendly, so as to enhance your web page’s overall design rather than distracting from it.

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