Key takeaways from the brands that do content marketing best.

Content marketing is an essential part of any brand’s messaging — but what role it plays in that messaging can vary from company to company. Some brands use it to focus attention on their products and services, while others create content simply because they can.

The truth is, the largest companies pour funds into content creation and distribution because, when done well, those efforts are likely to pay off in some really big ways: media attention, becoming a household name, and yes, more sales.

How should your company use content to grow your brand? It all depends on who you are and what your customers respond to. Here’s an infographic that shows how three well-known brands created content their customers love, while also boosting their bottom lines. Perhaps they’ll inspire a content marketing campaign for your business.

salesforce infographic

This post was designed and written by Salesforce. It was originally published on the Salesforce Canada blog.