The best of the best are better than the rest.

Marketing your brand isn’t just about attracting leads; it’s also about attracting top talent. A well-constructed recruitment video will attract prospective employees whose own talents and interests align with your organization’s goals.

Need a little inspiration to get you started? Here are the seven brands that did it best:

1. Dropbox

Recruitment videos should give job candidates a taste of what it’s like to work at your company, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get creative. Dropbox conducted candid interviews with employees, replacing the footage of real people with puppets for this fun take on the traditional recruitment video.

2. ZenDesk

This ZenDesk recruitment video showcases the small details that make daily life at the company unique — from a cozy lunch spot nearby to the in-office basketball court. By showcasing a typical day for the average ZenDesk employee, this video gives applicants the opportunity to imagine what their own working lives would be like at the company — and as the video demonstrates, there’s a lot to look forward to.

3. Groupon

With its over-the-top voiceover and enthusiastic employee endorsements, Groupon’s comedic recruitment video gives potential applicants an inside look at the company’s values and mission statement in action. With plenty of humorous asides, this video demonstrates that Groupon is an innovative, exciting place to work — and they don’t take themselves too seriously!

4. SnazzyRoom

The team at SnazzyRoom took a cue from this iconic Dollar Shave Club ad to create an action-packed recruitment video, which follows CEO Derek Anderson through a variety of outlandish scenarios. The goal with this video isn’t to sell “f**king great” razors, though — it’s to find the next great developer to join the SnazzyRoom team.

5. Wal Mart

This video takes a more serious tone than others featured on this list, but we think it’s just as impactful. In this heartwarming recruitment video, Walmart makes a special point to highlight the worthy causes the brand has worked toward over the years, as well as the values that run through the company culture. The video concludes with a memorable statement: “Who knew a company so big could feel like family?”

6. Shopify

This Shopify recruitment video opens on a familiar workplace scene — a meeting between CEO Tobias Lütke and Head of Talent Acquisition Doug Tetzner. The premise is a real hoot: Lütke wants Tetzner to focus on hiring employees who can “draw the owl,” which turns out to be a metaphor for resourcefulness and other desirable employee traits. This grabby opener serves to both draw the viewer in, and give applicants an immediate sense of what makes a good Shopify employee.

7. 3Pillar

Aside from providing a sneak peak into company culture, recruitment videos also serve as a great opportunity to show off the existing talents of your team. This video for global software company 3Pillar includes an optional 360 degree view, showcasing the innovative approach upon which the organization has made its name.

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Author Reuben Weiss

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