How clickable is your content?

If you have incredible email marketing content, but no one clicks on your links, is it really making an impact with your target audience? This isn’t just a fun marketing twist on a classic thought experiment — it’s something you need to consider if you’re hoping to drive traffic to your site.

Email clickthrough rates serve as an essential indication of how successfully you’re engaging your customers — yet this key stat is rarely given the attention it deserves. While 54% of marketers said that increasing their engagement rate is their top marketing priority, 15% fessed up to not regularly reviewing email open rates and clicks.

Check out our infographic to learn more about how consumers are engaging with your email marketing campaigns.

Clickthrough Rate infographic

Author Jake Dawe

Jake works with our clients and L&T's content management team to create and publish cogent, effective marketing content. A recent graduate of Yale University with a B.A. in American Studies, Jake pursued independent research that traced the evolving voice of ``Shouts and Murmurs`` over ninety years. When he's not writing and editing, Jake is probably watching The Crown or making up for four years of lost pleasure reading. Thanks, college.

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