When it comes to real estate marketing, it pays to think ahead.

So you’ve closed a massive real estate deal and want to ensure that your successes are well-publicized. How do you make it happen?

The same way you build a house: lay the foundation one brick at a time. Building out a strategy for content, PR, and growth requires a “blueprint” — a map for how individual initiatives fit into your larger marketing goals.

The real estate industry is fast-paced (and sometimes cutthroat), but at the end of the day, any success is dependent on how strong of a foundation the realtor has built. From building industry connections, to spotting hidden gems, to wooing clients, realtors know that having a solid plan in place and foundational knowledge to draw from is crucial to long-term success.

The Preliminary Groundwork

This same approach should be at the heart of any real estate content marketing strategy. Plan for growth, for sales assets, for PR opportunities, and for social media promotion.

A few simple ways to do this:

1. Gather testimonials at the conclusion of a sale.
2. Take photos and videos of properties at different stages to showcase as examples to other prospects.
3. Create sales assets (case studies, white papers, ebooks, etc) for different buyer personas.
4. Maintain a blog on your site (did you know if your site has a prominently featured blog, you’re 434% more likely to be indexed by search engines like Google?).
5. Engage with thought leaders through social media and content partnerships.

Targeting Prospects With Well-Constructed Marketing Collateral

Business-savvy real estate marketers craft the story of their big wins carefully. When you’re building the blueprint for your content strategy, even the smallest details become significant. Ask yourself: what collateral will you need? Do you have someone trustworthy lined up to take photos and videos on site? Have you taken notes on the challenges you’ve successfully overcome to close the deal, or found someone reliable who can interview you and get the story in ink while it’s still fresh?

Most importantly, think about the people you’ll want to connect with so that you can start lining up your next deal. Whose attention are you looking to attract — investors and contractors? Agents and developers? Cater your content marketing initiatives to your target audience.

And don’t forget: telling the story of your first deal will open the door to your second.

This article originally appeared on REALTOR® Magazine.

Author Remy Bernstein

As L&T’s COO, Remy directs all internal and client operations for L&T. Since joining the team in the the summer of 2014, Remy has overseen the precipitous growth of the company’s full-time staff and client base. He works directly with every member of the L&T team to implement and operationalize new processes, manage client accounts, and produce exemplary content every day. A graduate of Kenyon College, Remy previously worked in the editorial departments at Publishers Weekly and Standard & Poor’s. He specializes in content quality management and scalable business strategies, and relies on his extensive journalism background to supervise dozens of branded digital publications.

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