A treasure trove of YouTube content, Amazon reviews, and Google My Business listings have empowered consumers to do careful research before making any purchase. Here’s what that means for marketers.

The rapid proliferation of digital content in recent years has left us with an embarrassment of riches, at least when it comes to the rapid availability of information: we can find the answer to nearly any query in seconds with a simple Google search. With this vast access to informational content, it’s only natural that consumers would apply the same knowledge-gathering approach to their purchasing habits.

Today’s consumer behavior reflects a collective urge to read, watch, and listen to product-related content prior to making a purchase: nearly 50% of internet users search the web for videos related to products or services before visiting a store, and shoppers who watch video content are nearly two times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t. The trend makes sense; after all, why risk buying a shoddy product or working with an unreliable vendor when you can check out video demos or reviews and avoid the problem entirely?

For businesses looking to boost sales, it’s time get your video content operation up to speed. Check out our helpful infographic to learn more.

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Author Jake Dawe

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