Planning your next marketing campaign? Skip the flyers and opt for a greener digital alternative.

Effective marketing campaigns should, in the long run, make brands more money than they spend. If you’re wasting paper, pulp, and ink on an industrial scale, however, profitability will be a pipe dream — to say nothing of the negative environmental effects of these practices.

If you’re hoping for a greener future, check out these eye-opening statistics — and our tips for avoiding material waste by going digital.

go green infographic

Author Mercedes Lorenzo

With a degree in pattern design from the Inedi school and another from the Universidad de la República - EUCD, Mercedes is a textile designer by trade. Prior to joining L&T’s Bilbao office, she worked as a graphic designer and coordinator in the design department for the Basque fashion brand, Skunkfunk. In her free time, she likes to draw, read, and watch a lot of TV series and movies.

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