At L&T, we use technology to foster a culture of communication, collaboration, and accountability — here’s why it works.

L&T is a creative agency. We all know that creativity thrives in collaborative, tightly woven communities; however, our team is spread all across the globe — New York City, St. Louis, Bilbao, Los Angeles, Montevideo, and more.

Like many other companies, we rely on a number of different cloud-based technologies and apps in order to foster a culture of open, positive, and productive communication. Unlike many other companies, we’ve chosen our specific array of digital tools very carefully, each playing a vital role in our ability to generate an incredibly high volume of creative output with a relatively small team.

Getting Creative in the Cloud

Conveying complex or abstract ideas is difficult enough on its own — it’s nearly impossible when you’re communicating passively, say, via email, or you can’t see what someone is doing while they explain it to you.

Platforms like Trello, Slack, and Google Suite (specifically Hangouts, Drive, and Docs/Sheets/Slides) allow team members separated by thousands of miles to work on projects together, face-to-face, in real time — almost as though they’re in the same room.

Moreover, productive collaboration requires that people feel comfortable enough to speak their minds, to share their ideas and dissent when they don’t agree. These technologies have allowed us to break down physical and conceptual barriers, yielding a more closely knit team and, consequently, a higher volume and quality of creative output.

More Transparency Benefits Everyone

From a management perspective, these tools don’t just improve communication — they also help increase accountability throughout the organization.

Together, Google Suite, Slack, Harvest, and Trello provide a comprehensive picture of our business’s workflow – who’s responsible for what and what’s due when. And for a business where deadlines and resource management are everything, that picture is valuable in several ways.

For starters, this data can help increase the efficiency of your business model. You can, for example, immediately ascertain the cost efficiency of specific products and services by really understanding everything — technological resources, employee hours, even mental effort — that goes into their execution.

Of course, it also allows you to manage our team more effectively, providing you with an incredibly nuanced understanding of each team member’s specific strengths and weaknesses. You can use this information as fuel for genuinely constructive feedback, helping them learn new skills and work through sticking points to unlock their full potential.

Employees benefit because they’re learning and growing as creative professionals, which is ultimately going to have a positive impact on their careers You benefit because, rather than letting someone go because they’re “not delivering,” you’re holding onto a potentially high-value employee who just needed a little guidance — and probably making them more motivated and bought-in at the same time.

Deliver More Value, Get More Business

These tools don’t just help us increase our own bottom line, however. Our ability to work more collaboratively and efficiently translates to additional value we’re able to pass along to our clients.

In particular, we’re able to minimize the amount of effort our clients must put in in order to receive an end product that meets their standards and aligns with their marketing objectives.

By inserting key stakeholders into our workflow directly, we make collaborating with the L&T team less complicated and time consuming, plus we increase transparency and our own accountability, making it easier for them to manage the program itself.

In fact, many of our clients end up implementing similar workflows and tools within their own organizations after working with us and seeing just how impactful they can be.

Author Reuben Weiss

As People Operations Manager, Reuben works to unify L&T's business and talent strategies. He believes that an organization is only as good as its people, and he strives to create a culture that supports L&T’s top asset. Prior to working at L&T, Reuben consulted for various organizations ranging from Fortune 20 corporations to nonprofits. He has also facilitated trainings on executive coaching, effective communication, mindful awareness practices, and working with personality assessments. He holds an M.A. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia University, and a B.A. from UCLA. In his free time, he enjoys exploring bodegas, sauntering, drinking seltzer, and doing yoga.

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