Often companies with complex, high-value products and services need high-touch, in-person sales interactions — here’s how digital publishing can facilitate and multiply the value of these engagements.

Expensive, nuanced products and services — think corporate legal services, enterprise solutions, business consulting — require personal selling. The best personal selling takes place in-person, face to face. For businesses like this, however, it may be hard to see how digital assets like blog posts can be of much help in turning leads into customers.

However, a robust brand publishing program can be a value multiplier because: 1. You can digitize and make universally available the amazing ideas that you use to sell, 2. More stories means more touchpoints with your prospects, 3. Expressing great ideas online is a way to start conversations, just as you would at a networking event or at the bar.

Here’s how:

1. It’s an archive of detailed, compelling answers.

If you work in sales, you probably come across some of the same questions over and over again. You guessed it — the answers to these questions would make excellent blog material. If you’re creating content that’s helpful to the majority of your target customers, it’ll help establish you as an authority in their eyes.

On top of that, when your prospects ask common questions, instead of rehashing the same answer you’ve given to hundreds, you can direct them to the relevant part of your writing portfolio. You become a thinker with a corpus of work, not just a salesperson.

2. It allows for constant contact.

In sales, each additional touchpoint is another opportunity to deepen your relationship with your prospect, to help and inform them. Regular publishing powers this process, allowing you to reach out to share a unique idea in your own words with your byline, rather than just “checking in.”

You don’t have to formulate new content every time you want to send an email out, either. If your blog’s publishing schedule is up-to-date, you can easily recycle that content for email newsletters. This way, you can keep your company top-of-mind even when you’re not in conversation with a prospect at the moment.

3. It’s a conversation starter.

When you’re blogging, appearing on social media feeds, and landing in inboxes, you have more opportunities to pique a prospect’s interest — and that means more opportunities for a prospect to reach out to you. No matter how far along a prospect is in the funnel, a new blog post is always another opportunity to start a first, second, or tenth conversation.

In face-to-face sales, any chance to put your expertise on display is too good to pass up — and that’s exactly what a company blog is. Brand publishing works because it allows you to scale your sales. One salesperson can have only one face-to-face meeting at a time, digital publishing allows you to take what works in your messaging and scale it (theoretically) without limit. Your people can’t be in more than one place at a time, but their ideas can.

Author Oliver Cox

Having originally joined the company as a writer in 2013, Oliver works with L&T's clients and prospects to build and manage their storytelling strategies. Oliver is a graduate of the University of Liverpool and is a prolific musician and author.

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