Social Sparkling Wine is an exciting player in the organic wine market. Learn why Leah Caplanis founded the company and how it thrives.

The rising popularity of organic products shows no signs of abating. However, whereas many consumers are concerned that the food they eat brandish an organic label, they have shown decidedly less concern when it comes to alcohol. Recently, this trend has begun to change. 

Between 2012 and 2017, the consumption of organic wine nearly doubled, and it is predicted that by 2022 more than 1 billion bottles of organic wine will be consumed annually around the world. One company that is very excited about this growth is Social Sparkling Wine, an organic wine company founded in 2014 that is now number 513 on the Inc. 5000 list of the fastest-growing privately held companies in the United States.

The Origins of Social Sparkling Wine

Leah Caplanis’s journey to creating Social Sparkling Wine began with her battle with Thyroid cancer. After her diagnosis with the disease in 2010, she began to think about what she was putting into her body. In addition to turning to simple and clean ingredients in her diet, she stopped drinking alcohol completely. 

Once Leah went into remission, she sought to return to alcohol without compromising the dietary preferences she had developed. It was then that she discovered to her great surprise that there weren’t any products on the market that aligned with her new standards for healthy living. 

Among all the pleasures and benefits that many associate with alcohol, Leah valued its important social function throughout history, helping to bring people together and connect with each other in meaningful ways. She felt there should be a way for people to consume alcohol as a social activity without sacrificing their health. With this idea in mind, in 2014 she created Social Sparkling Wine. 

The Growth of Social Sparkling Wine

In just a few years, Leah’s experiment in organic wine has proven incredibly fruitful. Not only has Social Sparkling Wine expanded the number of stores and states where it is sold; it recently appeared on the Inc. 5000 list. 

In addition to providing a quality product, Leah has developed a unified and concrete brand identity. Reflecting the same ideas of cleanliness and simplicity that were the original basis for the company, this identity embraces minimalist styles atop a canvass of white. As she puts it, “We’re not putting a lot on the packaging that clutters it up. Everything has its own space to show that it’s a simple, few-ingredients product.”

Sustaining Success

The rapid success that Leah has achieved with Social Sparkling Wine takes work. It requires finding and retaining strong talent and building solid marketing and sales campaigns. Leah has adeptly tackled both. 

When it comes to acquiring talent, Leah believes that her openness about the brand’s messaging and mission helps her attract talent that will thrive at Social Sparkling Wine. She says, “We express our values on our website. We talk about how we want to be transparent, how we want to provide something healthier, that we believe in positivity and empowering people and other organizations, and we donate, and so forth. And so it tends to attract people who share those same values of positivity, of health.” 

Leah believes that her employees tend to stay with the company because she trusts in their abilities and gives them the freedom they need to succeed. By treating her employees as professionals and giving them ownership over their work, she simultaneously promotes a positive workplace. And this positive workplace, infused with a touch of mirth, promotes in turn the mental and emotional state of all involved in the company. 

In addition to a positive work environment, Social Sparkling Wine’s success is attributable to Leah’s effective sales efforts. Although Leah mainly communicates directly with retailers and distributors through emails that explain the company’s product and mission, she also embraces digital and social media marketing. 

Social Sparkling Wine’s target customers are fond of sharing updates on their healthy lifestyles via social media. Moving forward, Social will work to use these media, especially Facebook and Instagram to connect with customers.

Looking Ahead

As Leah looks to the future, her overriding goal is for Social Sparkling Wine to continue to grow so that its social mission of clean and healthy living, as well as its support for women-owned small businesses, can reach an ever-wider audience. Toward that end, Leah is building out a sales organization for the company and dedicating energy and resources to content creation and digital advertising.