New York City is an incredible city full of diverse cultures and businesses. That’s what makes it the perfect base for a digital marketing company like L&T. 

What is it that makes New York City so appealing to marketing agencies? The truth is that the city is far more than just a location. It is a cultural hub with talent and reputation built in. That’s just part of why so many digital marketing companies, including L&T, have gravitated to it. Read on to learn what makes New York City the perfect place to base an agency. 

Why New York City

There are more reasons why New York City is a great place to base a digital marketing company than could ever fit into a single article. So, rather than try to list them all, we have decided to highlight some of New York City’s biggest draws.


New York City is undoubtedly the cultural center of the country, if not the world. Companies and employees based in the city can keep their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in food, fashion, art, and lifestyle, and even contribute to culture in any variety of ways.

For digital marketing agencies specifically, the cultural centrality of the city provides unique and unparalleled perspective and vision. At L&T, that perspective and vision colors everything we do. 


New York City attracts top talent across industries. In cyclical relationship, skilled employees and innovative businesses come to the city in search of each other. The same goes for the digital marketing field. Located in New York City, L&T and other businesses are able to tap into the city’s deep talent pool without having to rely on remote work (something that many employees and teams do not find appealing). 


New York City is undoubtedly the center of the business world. For digital marketing companies based here, this means proximity to top clients and international agencies, as well as accessibility to clients and potential clients based around the country and even abroad. 

It also means access to leaders across a wide range of industries, many of whom are located in the city, providing continuous streams of cutting-edge information and insight. At L&T, these connections and knowledge streams fuel everything we do as a business.


New York City provides a near-endless stream of channels for networking. For businesses, each of these channels represents an opportunity to expand contacts, influence, and reach. 

Given the number of Fortune 500s that call the city home, networking there has a higher ceiling compared with other cities, and at the very least can help you stay on the cutting edge of industry information. The networking opportunities that New York City offers make it the perfect location for an exciting and rapidly growing business like L&T.


Given New York City’s vaunted status, having a base in the city is our way of signaling a strong commitment to being an industry leader, front and center of the action. 

And just as the city is at the forefront of commerce, it is also at the forefront of digital marketing. At L&T, we see it as part of our role to drive our industry forward. That’s why we, like so many others, have chosen to base our digital marketing company in New York City. The culture, talent, networking opportunities, and more that the city provides allow us to do the sort of brand publishing — smart, thoughtful, well-researched — for which L&T is known.