Visual Storytelling and the Future of Photos

At the last count from 2015, nearly a trillion photos had been uploaded to the web, and there have been more photos taken in the last 2 years than the last 200 years combined. If text (and text based hyperlinks) was the predominant medium of web 1.0, web 2.0 has seen a huge acceleration of the web as a visual medium. And, in a fairly fundamental way, this emerging visual web is changing the way we communicate, share information and tell stories. Check out the event recap below.

Beyond Blockchain: The Future of the Internet

You’ve heard of blockchain but do you understand it? While the world first came to know about blockchain technology through Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency and financial applications, the potential of the blockchain extends far beyond the realm of finance and promises to transform the way we think about security and authenticity. Check out the video below for a recap of our discussion on the wide ranging applications of this new technology, what the future of blockchain technology looks like, and how quickly we’ll see these innovations in our everyday lives.

The Future of Content

Anti-advertising sentiment is on the rise and the ad, more than ever, is under enormous pressure to change. But what will it become? More importantly: how will it get there? What practical skills and knowledge do CMOs need to make the best decisions for the future of their brand? We brought you an all-star panel of brand marketers, agency CEOs, technologists, and storytellers to explore what is at the core of the problem with advertising, and to explore the questions about what happens next and how brands should prepare.

Social Screwups and How to Avoid Them

Want to avoid ending up in the middle of dealing with a promotional disaster? Of course you do. Watch the video recap of our Startup Socials Happy Hour for Simon Heseltine’s hilarious and edifying presentation—by examining the worst social media gaffes in recent history, you’ll learn how to maximize your brand’s social media presence and sidestep the Red Zone.

Marketing Analytics Happy Hour

This interactive workshop, hosted by Devra Prywes, Vice President of Marketing and Insight for Unruly, will take you through 7 different examples of viral videos and discuss why they worked and how you can create your own viral video.


When Will Our Smartphones Be Smarter Than Us?

Check out the recap of our Breakfast Briefing with James Tagg, Author of “Are The Androids Dreaming Yet,” Inventor of the LCD Touchscreen and co-founder of Truphone, brought to you by Truphone, Heroes of Mobile, and L&T. Hear James Tagg explain his vision of mobile AI (Artificial Intelligence) and what we can expect from our mobile devices in five year’s time or even fifty.

Growth Marketing Concepts Behind Viral Content

Are you interested in Viral Content? Have you wondered if it could work for you business? Do you know what kind of results you could get? Our speakers shared lots of case studies and personal stories from their own successful, and unsuccessful, attempts to generate viral content. You’ll not only find out what they did, why they did and how they did it, but also what the results were and how these strategies impacted both their businesses… and their personal lives.

Growth Marketing Workshop: Creating a Breakthrough

Our interactive growth marketing workshop featured perspectives on the latest and greatest marketing tech from key industry experts, interactive roundtable discussions, and a keynote presentation from Innovation Expert, Bryan Mattimore. Check out our video recap of Don Valdez’s ad tech and programmatics presentation below.


Digital Marketing 2017: These Strategies Could Make a Difference

Jonathan Allen, President of L&T Co.

Jonathan Allen, former Director Of Search Engine Watch and founder of Longneck & Thunderfoot, shares case studies and personal insight into what elements he thinks will make for a winning marketing strategy in 2017.

Exploring both paid and organic digital marketing strategies he’ll share how to take a blended approach to maximize the benefits of each and have data from paid and organic channels influence each other.

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B2B Lead Generation Strategies for 2017 and Beyond

Cooper Pickett, CEO – L&T Co.

Lead generation is so old school…

Learn some of the best tried and true tactics and how they combine with L&T’s new school thinking on building business relationships online.

In this webinar, you will learn:

– How to make LinkedIn ads work for your company

– How to develop a database of contacts that DON’T MIND and even ENJOY when you reach out to them

– How to build relationships that benefit your bottom line

– How to avoid old school tactics that people keep trying even though they simply don’t work anymore

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Social Selling for Enterprise Sales

Rebecca Smith, Marketing Manager and Sales Coordinator at Criteria for Success

Criteria for Success has spent the last 16 years transforming sales systems and increasing sales performance by at least 25% for the organizations they help. They recognized early on that busy sales executive easily forget that new customers and clients are right under their nose.


CFS have identified Social Selling as key to reaching to these buyers and accelerating sales growth. And that intuition is now supported by data: according to a Forbes report, 78.6% of salespeople that used social media to sell out performed those who didn’t use social media.
Join us to learn how you can combine standard tools, such as LinkedIn and Salesforce, with a simple process to create a winning Social Selling PlayBook.



6 Powerful Marketing Ideas for B2B Companies

Catrinel Bartolomeu, Head of Content at Oz Content

It’s official: it’s 2016 and Content Marketing is here to stay, especially for B2B brands. From startups to international corporations, from the most well-known brands like Coca-Cola’s blog “Unbottled” to niche companies looking to reach (and teach) new audiences, executives are turning to content. But not just any content will do; readers are more discerning than ever, and only content that provides value to the people you want to reach will get the job done.

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The Transformation of UX in the New Digital Frontier

Jean-Marcel Nicolai, Chief Product Officer, Centric Digital Jackson Young, Vice President of User Experience, Centric Digital

User experience (UX) has been a buzzword for so long that its exact definition has become hard to nail down concretely; it’s still ubiquitous in the industry (and even beyond), but it often holds different meanings for different people. The general confusion around UX is further compounded by the exponential growth of the new digital frontier we live in. The roles and responsibilities of a UX practitioner have been rapidly transforming to keep pace with the ever-changing digital evolution.

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Smart(phone) Personalization: Apps vs. Bots

David Hu, VP of Engineering for Dexter

In this webinar we will explore what’s happening in the world of chat bots and what benefit they can be to your apps – and we’ll even look at how to create one yourself.


Given that 90% of users’ time on their smartphones are spent on apps, getting users to your app is becoming more important than ever. But what users like most about apps can be accomplished in a more intuitive way: David Hu, VP of Engineering at Dexter, notes that transactions in apps are essentially call/response transactions: why not streamline the experience with a bot instead? Furthermore, messaging apps have a larger Monthly Average User base than social networks, and the trend is just kicking off.

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