Transform your company blog into a sophisticated trade publication that attracts interest from your target audience, offers insights that establish your brand as an influential and authoritative source of information in your space, and helps cultivate deeper digital relationships between your company and influential partners, clients, and prospects.

Publication Management

L&T works as an extension of your marketing department. Think of yourself as your new publication’s Editor-in-Chief, and of us as your Managing Editor and newsroom. Brand publications are collaborative endeavors. We integrate with your team to help translate your expertise into a stream of compelling commentary for your audience. 

Professional-Level Writing and Research

L&T prides itself on employing only the best and the brightest when it comes to editorial talent. As such, our team of journalists and professional editors hail from elite universities and respected publications like The Huffington Post and Publishers Weekly. A collaborative, no-nonsense approach to editing copy and developing meaningful narratives allows our editorial team to generate content of the highest quality time and time again.

Comprehensive Brand Guidelines and Data-Led Story Ideation

Our search experts and digital strategists use a suite of tools and analytics to identify important, trending topics in your industry and work with your subject matter experts to develop thoughtful perspectives that communicate their leadership to the market. We also leverage that expertise to develop all-encompassing brand guidelines that serve as a crucial resource for both our writers and your marketers.

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