Drive downloads and generate leads for your business with premium content. Our talented team of editors, writers, designers, and researchers embrace the challenge of crafting and producing authoritative guides and papers on the topics most relevant to your business. We want to learn your business from you!

White Paper and E-Book Research and Writing

We embrace the concept of L&T as your writers of record, and in no area of the business does this ring more true than in the production of long-form content like white papers and ebooks. We love the challenge of distilling complex topics and diverse arrays of opinions into authoritative, research-backed testimonies to your company’s value proposition and thought leadership of your market. Connect us with your in-house experts and we’ll turn their wealth of knowledge into highly structured yet engaging pieces of premium content designed for maximal lead generation.

Digital Production and Design

Of course, you can’t push a word document out to your market and expect results. That’s why we handle all aspects of design, landing page development, and social and paid media support of the premium content we write and produce. With experience working with the likes of Google, Lego, and Nissan, our design and development team produces original, interactive graphics that bring your content to life.

Outreach for Original Commentary and Insights

While plenty of expertise exists within the ranks of your own organization, outside opinions separate truly authoritative content that adheres to a journalistic ethos from the massive sea of articles, white papers, and blogs published every day on the internet. We make sure your content ends up in the former category by identifying influencers and experts in your space and connecting with them directly to share meaningful quotes and subject matter expertise.

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