Gain recognition in your industry. Your company’s executives and product experts have a unique wealth of knowledge to share with your market. We’ll do the work of turning their insights into authoritative content that starts meaningful conversations.

Interviews and Knowledge Extraction

We work with executives to refine their perspectives on the most relevant industry trends, and develop series of articles that project their thought leadership to their market. Through interviews with team members, audits of your existing collateral and resources, and outreach to influencers in the field, our editorial team collects all key insights and expertise need to produce authoritative content for your brand.

Executive Brand Management

We dedicate individual editors and content strategists to developing the tone, voice, and perspectives of your executives and subject matter experts. We take all the knowledge that exists within the ranks of your organization and transform it into content that works. 

Brand Outreach and Social Rafting

We make thought leadership work for your business by placing articles in reputable website like Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post, as well as trade publications of record. But we don’t rely on these external publications and their social media teams to get the word out. We put executive branding into practice with full management of all your team members’ social profiles, creating a web of news and information that starts with you at the source.

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