Knowledge Extraction and Thought Leadership

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-2-43-32-pmWhen it comes to your business, you’re the expert. Our team of brand journalists communicates that expertise to your market and tailors the message for maximum impact.

No copywriter or software platform can accurately convey the breadth and depth of knowledge that exists within the ranks of your organization. And internal resources are often committed to core business activities, leaving little time to produce quality content. We embed our editorial team within your organization, conduct interviews with your team’s resident experts, and monitor industry publications for the news stories your team is in the best position to comment on.

The end result is a steady stream of thought-leading articles that accurately and engagingly summarize your company’s unique value proposition, offer perspectives and insights on the news items most relevant to your market, and demonstrate true leadership in your space to potential prospects. When you start talking and writing like a thought leader, you become one.

Audience Segmentation and Targeting

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If you have a clearly defined idea of who buys your product or service, our team takes the initiative of reaching those people wherever they can be found. Through extensive keyword research, highly targeted and continually refined social and display ad campaigns, and regular social community engagement, L&T devises and implements evolving content strategies for ever-improving results. 

Proving ROI on Content

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B2B content marketing should first and foremost initiate sales-oriented conversations with qualified prospects. In short, it’s not about enticing millions of users with so-called “viral content,” but about directly appealing to the subset of companies and organizations that might want and use your product or service. We help your business reach the people that matter with smart, useful content that delivers the right message at the right time.

Many B2B organizations can’t afford to do marketing for marketing’s sake. L&T understands this reality, and that’s why we work every day to deliver meaningful returns on your investment. A combination of well-crafted, insightful content and targeted outreach to your market results in promising sales conversations and closed deals. Start giving your sales team a run for their money.

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